Christmas Tree Set Up On Wood Floors

Unfortunately,  many lessons are learned due to our mistakes.  Here’s one  of  my hard learned lessons concerning my artificial tree and hard wood floors:

The kids and I were putting up our artificial Christmas tree on the hard wood floor for the first time.  We put it together on the Christmas tree stand and then pushed it in the “perfect place.”   I hadn’t had my wood floors for long and didn’t think anything of our tree set up until we took it down after the holidays!!!  After the tree was back in the box,  I had a permanent reminder staring up at me from my floor.    This scratch was so bad I had to fill it in with furniture cover up!

Two years later…. I now have the scratch proof  Christmas Tree Solution!  This year I set my tree on top of a small rug, and then drug the tree and the rug to the corner.  My tree skirt hid everything and I KNOW THERE ARE NO SCRATCHES THIS YEAR!

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  1. Any ideas on how to keep 18 mo. old twins from pulling down the Christmas tree and every ornament off the tree?

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