Personalize Your Comments with a Picture

I have found an easy website to use in getting a free “Gravatar” or free picture to go along with your comments.  Your selected “gravatar”  will resemble the pictures like you see on your Facebook account.  Once you own your free gravatar, which is linked to your email address, you can use it for other sites as well that ask for your website info.

Step by step directions can be found by going to the page tab that reads “Personalize Your Comments.”  This tab is located in the top left of my blog under the header picture.  Have fun designing your gravatar!

2 thoughts on “Personalize Your Comments with a Picture”

  1. I use to let both of my 2 children choose an angel off the tree either at church or at a store. My son always picked a boy and my daughter picked a girl. They absolutely loved shopping for someone less fortunate. This is a great service activity to get children involved in. When you show your children how to help others, they will most likely continue the good deeds as they grow older. Let’s keep the cycle of giving going!

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