How Mom’s Can Win Free Lunches & Network With Friends

Have you ever wished you could enter the “fish bowl” business card drawings at the restaurants?  I used to get so irritated every time I came across one of those drawings. I couldn’t enter since I didn’t have any business cards. I came across a promotion from Vista Print which offered 250 free business cards.  I ordered the cards and now I have 250 chances to win a free meal for a total of $5.67!!!  I love personalized items!  I was so excited about my new cards that I found many uses for them.  I now have information cards that I put my kids’ pockets when they go on field trips, birthday parties or etc. where there are lots of people.  If they get lost, my children know to go to another mom or a worker in the store and ask them to call me.

These cards also work great for handing out your contact info.  I used to be able to write my phone number down on a scratch piece of paper and pass it to on, but now I have too many contact sources and not enough time to write them all down!  There’s your cell phone, home phone, email, AIM, social network user names and etc!  You could also use them as personalized gift tags, invites, book marks,  information cards & etc.

Moms everywhere would love to hear your card ideas! Just post your ideas in the comment section at the end of this post.  I look forward to hearing from you. You can also read more about using Vista Print in my post on “My Reason for Starting A Blog.”

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