Christmas Break Activities

Now that Christmas Break is here, keep your kids busy with activities in order to alleviate boredom which can turn into sibling fighting or aggravating.  Michael’s Craft Store has many ornament painting kits on sale as well as other holiday craft kits.  There are also many one or two day sports camps offered in many areas.  This is a very busy time of year and you can’t afford to spend your time as a referee.

My kids love crafts, so I have some holiday painting activities planned for next week.  They are activities that can be done without my constant supervision.  We are also planning on making holiday treats to trade with the neighbors.  Boredom leads to trouble, so plan out your week.  Could you hold a gift wrapping party with your kids, given they are old enough to wrap a present nicely?  How about making Christmas ornaments, stringing popcorn, making pine cone peanut butter-birdseed bird feeders or making paper chain links?  Feel free to share your plans for next week.  I’m sure there are many moms out there that would appreciate new ideas for Christmas Break!

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