Make A Color Coded Activity Calendar For Your Family

It is hard to keep up with everyone’s daily schedules with all the after school functions, sports, birthday parties and etc.  A color coded calendar will help everyone be on top of things.
You will need:
*Monthly Calendar
* Small colored circle stickers (like the ones used to price items at a yard sale.)

Have each family member pick a color and that will be their permanent color choice.  Next, take their color and place it on each calendar block where they are busy for that month.  For example, let’s say Tommy has basketball every Mon. and Wed. at 5:30 and he chose green.  You would place the green stickers on every Monday and Wednesday and write (basketball 5:30) on each of those stickers.  If he also had swimming on Thursday at 7 , you’d add green stickers on the Thursday and write (swimming 7:00).  You do this for everyone in your family, making sure to have a color code at the top in case someone forgets their chosen color.  When you are finished, you will have a colorful calendar that everyone can quickly read.

This idea comes from Judy from Texas.

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