My Reason For Starting A Blog

I have great respect for working moms.  A working mom must be able to “juggle” her  responsibilities at work and home. I taught school before having children.  After teaching a full day of school, I continued working on lesson plans and grading papers throughout the evening.  I took great pride in teaching.  Currently, I have many tasks to do as a stay home mom.

I feel privileged to be a stay at home mom.  There are many moms that are not able to stay home with their children.   It took me a few years to be a proud stay at home mom.  At times, when introducing myself as a stay home mom, it is perceived to be a negative.  It feels as if they think you do not have any marketable skills; therefore, you are a stay at home mom.

As a stay at home mom, I am constantly doing household chores, running errands and taking care of my family.   I spend a great deal of my time checking homework, attending school functions and getting ready for after school activities, such as sporting events.  After staying at home for a while, I started finding more time for collecting and organizing coupons, selling on Ebay and browsing the internet for online deals.  It was the savings and online deals that brought me to starting this blog.  I always found myself sharing my newly found websites or deals with my friends.  Now I can share these with moms everywhere through the use of

A while back, I found the Grocery Game website and signed up for the first free month.  It required me to buy the Sunday paper and clip all the coupons.  After the first few weeks, I saved so much at the grocery, that I was hooked.  A year later, I still found myself clipping coupons and subscribing to the Sunday paper.

Ebay comes in handy when you need to clean out your closets.  It is a great place to get rid of your unwanted items and make some extra money at the same time.  I have sold tons of my children’s clothing and other household items that are smaller in size and weight.  You can save time with shipping hassles by using the free Priority USPS boxes and arranging for home pickup of your priority mail.  Selling/buying off Ebay can be highly addictive, watch out!  Check out “Clean Out Your Closets And Make Extra Spending Money” to hear more about selling on Ebay.

I love shopping for my kids on  My oldest loves to read series books.  It is cheaper to purchase these books here a few at a time, since most items from Amazon qualify for free shipping after you spend $25.  Try Amazon out for your favorite book purchases.  When compared to the local bookstores, I always save with Amazon.  I also like to purchase Amazon Gift Cards since you can buy just about anything there.  Check out “Shopping On” for more details on Amazon.

My most recent online find is the business cards from Vista Print.  These cards are so fun to design and cost under $6.00 for 250 of them.  I bought a set for my blog and a set for my kids.  They are handy to keep in your purse and drop in the “fish bowl” free drawings at restaurants.  They are also great for quickly handing out your contact information while networking with other moms.  You can read more on Vista Print ideas from “How Mom’s Can Win Free Lunches & Network With Friends.”

These are just a few of my favorite online hangouts.  Visit my blog often to check out mentions of my other online hot spots.  My goal is to share ideas, deals and tips to moms everywhere in order to make their days a little easier.

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  1. These are awesome ideas! I love that you are already looking into selling you kids’ clothing in the priority boxes – that’s what we do at thredUP and you can swap them out for new clothes (or even toys) that fit your kids. As a mom I know that I live for reading blogs just like yours to come up with creative new ideas daily. Best, Sara at thredUP.

    1. Sara,
      I loved your site! This is such a great idea and looks fun too! I’ve already cleaned out our winter clothing, but will remember you when it is time for the summer stuff. I could see your site becoming an addiction!

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  3. I stumbled onto your blog when checking out another site. I have to say it's very well done and I'm enjoying what I see so far. I am a new mom – my son is now 18 months – and opted to stay home and not return to work. I am looking for a way to make money as well on the internet, so I can be a permanent stay at home mom. I would love any input you could give me on getting started as I'm discovering the challenges of finding legitimate on line opportunities… I'm impressed with what you've created.

    1. Blogging is alot of fun and can be addictive, but it takes time to get your site up and going before you see any profits. When my children were younger, I sold Avon and had lots of fun. You could sell something like Avon, Mary Kay, Scrap-booking materials, etc. while you researching blogging. An e-commerce site, where you sell a particular product is another way to go. I am taking an online course and am being encouraged to create the e-commerce site, but it will also take a long time before I see profits from it. So, I figured I'd learn through blogging, but will tell you that I could not bring in enough income from blogging to stay home from a regular job. Thanks so much for contacting me! Bobbie Anne

  4. It is fun to connect with like-minded people here to exchange what works and what doesn't. The fish bowl is a great idea, just gotta remember to always keep business cards in my pocket!!!

    1. You're right about keeping the cards with you. I try to keep them in my purse and then find that I have handed them out and forgot to restock! Keep these cards handy. I haven't won any free meals yet, but I am still trying! This year I am going to design an updated card with all my personal info: address, cell #, email address, website links, etc. to include in my Christmas cards. I love these Vista Print cards, they look so professional and cost so little!

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