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Real or artificial?  There are many pro’s and con’s to both real and artificial Christmas trees.  Which do you prefer?  Which are you using this year?  If using artificial, do you prefer prelit?

We always opt for the artificial tree.  We have used the same tree for over 10 years and next year, I am getting a new one!  My new tree will not be prelit since most of the prelit trees have white lights and my family loves the mulit colored lights.

Let me know your tree of choice by leaving a comment on this post.  You can later come back to this post and read the comments to see which tree won.

5 thoughts on “Participate In The Christmas Tree Opinion Poll”

  1. I prefer the artificial tree in our home. Boys have allergies and one has asthma. So for medical reasons we really don’t have a choice. But I will tell you I don’t miss stepping on a needle and it foing into my foot! lol

  2. I’ve had both. Currently I have a real Frasier Fir. Nothing beats the sweet smell of this Christmas tree. The 2 problems I’ve encountered are the dropping needles (but they’re soft, not pokey), and the branches can’t hold heavy ornaments. The artificial tree lends itself better to the heavy ornaments. I think the real tree looks better during the day when it’s usually unlit. I guess my vote is for a real tree, with lightweight ornaments and a vacuum on the side!

    1. Thanks for your vote. It’s been a LONG time since I had a real tree and I didn’t realize there could be problems concerning ornament weight. As far as the vacuum goes, this is the last year for my current artificial tree, because it is also losing needles!

  3. I like the prelit artificial trees. They go up quickly and it’s having to water it – free. The cat won’t feel the need to climb it. We don’t have any children and I’m sure that makes a difference. When I was growing up real trees were inexpensive and smelled so good – That’s all we ever had.

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