Mom Blog: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Children

My husband and I always get our kids a Valentine’s Day Gift.  In the past, we have given them each an individual cookie cake, a large cookie cake to share, a small non-edible gift from the store or the traditional box of chocolates.  My oldest likes the traditional box of chocolates, but the younger one doesn’t like the kind of chocolates that come in the heart box, but really wants that heart box!  Last year I saved the heart box from the Valentine’s Day chocolates.  This year I am filling this box with his favorite miniature candies instead of getting him the box of candy that he doesn’t like.  So if this is a problem in your household,  save those heart-shaped boxes this year!

If you would prefer not to get your child candy for Valentine’s Day, I have found the perfect inexpensive gift for you to get for your child, depending on his / her age.  I bought both of my boys a black, Power Balance silicone wristband (bracelet).  Both boys wear this everywhere, the preschooler even wears it in the shower.  He claims that it can make him run faster when he wears it.  These Power Balance Bands are popular with the older kids, so my oldest was excited to get one for Christmas.  These can be purchased online through Power Balance, but I found them cheaper from Amazon.  These wristbands come in different sizes, I got the  Small Power Balance Wristband for the preschooler, and the Medium Power Balance Wristband for my oldest.   If I were to get myself one,  I would need a large.  Remember to check wrist sizes before ordering.  You want to have it a little snug so it doesn’t fall off easily


While at the doctor’s office last week, I noticed the receptionist wearing this same Power Balance wristband.  I asked her about it, since it is supposed to give you better balance and more energy.  She said she believed in it and started wearing it after her boss, the eye doctor, came into work talking about his new purchase.  I have never worn this Power Balance Band to comment on its ability to help my balance or added energy, but for these prices, my children love them.  If my kids were to lose their wristbands, I would definitely order them again.   Check my mom blog often for more ideas like this one.  Did you see my past post  “Valentines Day Gift Ideas ?”  If not, you can refer to it for additional Valentine’s gift ideas.

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  1. To go with the power balancer and running faster, I got my cousins capes from Not for Valentine's day, but reading that your sons think it makes them more powerful made me think of these.

    1. I'll have to check into this. My oldest wouldn't fall into the cape "way of thinking," but my preschooler, he would love it! Sounds like the Easter Bunny needs to have a look into Thanks for the idea!

  2. its a nice post on gifts ideas !
    as its give a feel of personalized & unique gifts ideas.I liked all ways to surprised with a unique feel of emotions.Very useful tips it contain for all days spacial.

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