Does Your Child See A Pediatric Dentist?

As a child, I hated trips to the dentist and would make myself sick while in the dentist chair .  The dentist would give in and send me home.  The only drawback to this plan, was that I had to reschedule to get the other half of my teeth cleaned, which meant another dreaded trip to the dentist.  I don’t make myself sick anymore while at the dentist, but do find myself dreading my appointment.

When it was time for my child’s first dentist visit, I was sick to my stomach thinking about putting him through what I had most hated as a child.  I chose a pediatric dentist and was amazed to see no fear from my child.  Instead, he was excited at all the video games and activities in the waiting room.  There was even a man who made balloons for the younger kids and gave juggling lessons to the older ones.  When we got to the back, all the dentist chairs were in one open room where siblings could see the dentist at the same time with mom right in the middle.  Rewards, such as rubber balls were given throughout the visit and the kids even watched a movie on the ceiling while getting their teeth cleaned!

We’ve been going to this dentist for many years nPediatric dentists are well worth your money.ow.  Both my kids have no fear and even look forward to their cleaning appointments so they can see the balloon man.  As I was reading about pediatric dentistry, I found a neat site that has dentist jokes for kids, coloring pages and games.  Would you like to read more about how pediatric dentists make dentist visits fun?    If you don’t already see a pediatric dentist, check it out.  You’ll be so glad that you did!

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