Jump Start Your Vehicle With The Stanley Jump Starter

How many times have you had to call a friend or your significant other to come jump start your vehicle?   How many times have you had to ask a stranger to jump start your vehicle?  It never fails, I am in a hurry and one of the truck doors didn’t get shut or the overhead lights were left on and my truck won’t start.  The worst part about this is that my truck is facing the wrong way for someone to pull in and jump start it.  I have to push my truck out of the driveway until there is enough room for another car to get close enough to jump start my battery.  Pushing your truck down a long driveway can be quite embarrassing!

I was given a Stanley J5C09 500 Amp Jump Starter with Compressor
as a gift.

You don’t have to worry about your battery when Stanley is around.

I decided to leave the jump starter in my truck for awhile, just in case I had a battery problem.  After a week or so had gone by, I made a home for it in our garage since it is large in size and took up a lot of room in my backseat.  Well, I’ve used the jump starter three times in only a month and a half!  You can guess where the jump starter lives now!  When it comes down to being alone with a dead battery, I will gladly give up some of my backseat space in order to keep the jump starter in my truck.

The best thing about the Stanley Jump Starter is that you don’t need anyone’s help to restart your battery.  It is simple to use.  Just sit the jump starter near your battery, hook up the black and red cables and hit the start button.  You can then start your truck and unhook your jump starter.    This is such a great gift for me, even my kids like it.  They are able to air up their bicycle tires quickly with the jump starter.

I think the Stanley Jump Starter would be a great gift for anyone.  Today’s world isn’t as friendly as it used to be. It can be scary to ask for help and also scary to be asked for help.  You never know the other person’s intentions.  The last time I had to ask for help with a jump start was in a school parking lot.  There was a truck, exactly like mine that was parked across from me.  I saw the lady coming to her car and asked if she would give me a jump off her battery.  You could see the hesitation, until she saw I had a small child with me.  She said she would, but she didn’t have any cables.  That’s when I told her that I had the cables, and that I would hook it up if I could just use her battery to start my truck.  She put her kids in the truck, opened her hood and let me jump start my truck, but I wished that I hadn’t had to ask her.

Now you see why this is such a great gift for me.  When college graduation comes around, this is going to be my gift of choice.  I know you are not supposed to check to see how much someone spent on your gifts, but sometimes you just have to!

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