K9 Obey Introduces My Family To Dog Training

Today was our first private, family, dog training session.  Bob Holmes, from K9 Obey, came to our home for an hour.  He trained the kids, the puppy, me and my husband!  We started off with a brief presentation on expectations for properly training a dog with only two rules to follow.  Next, we worked on basic commands and beforewe knew it, each family member was getting a personal “hands-on” lesson.  Mr. Holmes showed us what we need to work on this week until our next session.

After an hour of training, the kids were excited and the puppy was worn out!  I highly recommend a family training session.  Everyone was equally involved, everyone learned how to use commands and everyone had a great time!  Check back next week to hear about our next training session.

5 thoughts on “K9 Obey Introduces My Family To Dog Training”

  1. What was gained from the first session? Was it as much educating the people on how the dog thinks, behaves and reacts? Has the family been able to reinforce the training since the session? Have you seen any changes in the dog with the first session?

    A bunch of questions I know but I’m curious, I teach soldiers and not dogs so my experience and education is in a different direction.

    1. Jake,
      Our first dog training session was on Jan. 1, so it is all still new to us. The main focus of this lesson was to teach our whole family what we should expect out of our puppy and how to get her to act accordingly. A good portion of the lesson was aimed towards our children. The instructor told them what the puppy should not be doing, such as rough playing, which could make her mean.
      Our family is trying to incorporate everything we learned at home, but I am not following through 100%. We were told to keep the leash on the puppy when she is in the house so we can correct her when she is doing something she shouldn’t be doing. When the dog is going in and out of the house all day, it is hard to remember to get the leash back on her as she comes back in, since we have to take it off every time she goes outside. Other than this issue, everyone at our house is working with the dog with walking on the leash and sitting and staying there until we are ready for her to get up. Our main issue with her is that she will take off running when the back gate opens. The trainer instructed our family how to go out the door and make her sit so that she doesn’t run out.
      All in all, we are still learning and look forward to next Sunday night’s lesson. Come back to http://www.BlogWithMom.com to read about our upcoming sessions.

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