Mom Blog: Does Dakota Catch Her Leash?

For those of you who have been following Dakota’s puppy training sessions, we have had conflicting schedules and have missed the last two puppy training sessions.  Our next session will be this Sunday.  In between puppy training sessions, our family has been working with Dakota on sitting and walking on the leash with distractions.  Dakota has mastered potty training  – thank goodness – and isn’t biting everyone anymore.  She still loves all stuffed animals and ALL paper products.  I have caught her running up the steps with toilet paper rolls,  Qtips and even a full roll of paper towels in her mouth!  I have never seen a dog like paper as much as she does.

Due to her puppy training sessions, she is required to wear a leash at all times while in the house.  Check out this video of  Dakota in the kitchen.

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