Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

What comes to your mind when thinking of Valentine’s Day?  I love the chocolate and the flowers, but neither one of them stay around very long!  The flowers look great for a few days and well, the chocolate… doesn’t last long in my house.  My husband has started buying me jewelry for Valentine’s Day instead of my yearly chocolates.  This year, I’m making it easy on him and shopping around online.  This way he and the kids can pick something from my suggestions right online and they won’t have to shop the mall looking for that perfect something for Valentine’s Day.  I know it is great to get a surprise gift, but why not just surprise me from a list that I previously made?

I really like  “Love Knot” jewelry and found bracelets, earrings and pendants at  I like to review websites and figured I’d tell you a little of what I found on this site.   I came across bahai pendants.  I love the look of these aquamarine pendants.  If you receive one of these for Valentine’s Day, you know someone’s thinking about you!  I also checked out their 40 micro pave platinum anniversary band.  My husband and I have been married now for 16 years.  In that time, I have lost the main diamond in my wedding ring and have since gotten a new wedding ring, but have never gotten an anniversary band.  I like the looks of them and can see myself getting an anniversary band in the future.   Since my anniversary isn’t until May,  I think Valentine’s Day would be a perfect time for me to receive an anniversary band.

I also found a shiatsu elite footmassager fms 200h.  A footmassager may not be as fashionable as a new piece of jewelry, but it sure would be nice for those days that I spend too many hours on my feet.  No one truly likes to rub other people’s feet.  If I had this footmassager at the house, everyone could give themselves a foot massage without asking someone else to do it for them.

If you need to find a Valentine’s Day Gift for someone or want to make your own list such as myself, check out this website.  You still have more than enough time to shop online and receive your items before Valentine’s Day. isn’t just an online jewelry store, it also sells home and garden, electronics,  computers, cameras, clothing, jewelry,  health and beauty accessories.    It has much more to offer other than the pendants, anniversary bands and footmassager that I spoke of.   Since this site has so much to offer,  I wasn’t able to look at everything.   If you have time, check out and share what you find that interests you.  It is always good to check out new sites, you never know what you may find!

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