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Have You Decided To Lose A Few Pounds?

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You will learn how to lose weight with the Weight Watcher Program  if you are dedicated to the program.  I have been very successful with the Weight Watchers program and use low point snacks, fruit, vegetables, hard-boiled egg whites and frozen meals to get me through the day.  At night, I cook a sensible meal according to my Weight Watchers guide and have another low point snack later in the evening.

With PointsPlus values, I make it a point not to eat a few bites from my kids left overs unless I can adequately “count them.”  If you think about it, a lot of the food you eat comes from the left overs that you hate to throw away or the candy or snack that your family just wants you to try or take just a bite of.  While doing Weight Watchers, you MUST not cheat on any points!  Make sure you watching PointsPlus values for everything that you put in your mouth!  If you eat a half a cup of grapes, then you just used up 1/2 point.  If you eat a “handful” of something, make sure you can figure those points before eating it or figure a full portion and save the rest for later.

Here’s a few items that you need to have on hand which will help you lose weight and achieve your weight loss goals.

1.  Kitchen Scale

2.  Measuring Cups

3.  Ziploc bags, snack size and full size

4.  Permanent Markers

5.  New digital scale for your bathroom

6. Visible Daily Food Intake Chart

I use the baggies to pre-measure or weigh my favorite snacks for the day.  For example, I fill a few baggies with a cup of grapes  and I also fill a few bags with 1 oz. of pretzels per bag.  After bagging up my snacks, I put the point value on the baggie with the permanent marker.  I place the snacks that do not need to be kept cool on the counter and the family just grabs a bag as needed.  I also use these snacks while putting together everyone’s daily lunches. You’ll have to experiment with this.  Some foods can be bagged up for a few days, while others will go stale before you get them all eaten.

I make it a point to weigh every morning.  I write my weight on a notebook in the bathroom so I can check my weight loss progress.  Waking up and seeing a weight loss makes me feel great, and drives me to keep going.  Waking up and gaining weight, irritates me and pushes me to try harder to get that number to drop.

In order to help me lose weight, I like to keep a food – point journal on my fridge as I am counting points throughout the day.  It helps me stay on track and figure my remaining points for later on in the day when I need that special snack!

Good luck with your weight loss. It is possible for you to lose a few pounds the first week if you follow the plan without cheating.  You can do this, you just have to “truly want to lose weight.”  Cheating on a diet is much easier if you aren’t ready to dedicate yourself to lose weight. So gear yourself up for weight loss, stock your cabinets with low point foods and knock a dent in your cheating habit before it sets in!

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“People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.”

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