Decorative Pillows vs. Kid Friendly Pillows

I recently bought a new couch that came with two very nice, decorative throw pillows.  I was excited about the new couch pillows, since my family drags down multiple bed pillows every night to use while we relax and watch tv together.  Having nice throw pillows that could stay on the couch would keep all the bed pillows from having to be brought back and forth every night from the bedrooms to the family room and back upstairs again.  I went back to the store in hopes to purchase additional matching pillows to find that they cost over $50 per pillow!  I loved the decorative pillows, but not that much.

My family room is the most used room in the house besides the kitchen.  I like it to look nice, but find myself telling the kids not to use my “good pillows.”  These new matching pillows look great, but when it comes down to it, they aren’t very kid friendly.  The covers can’t be taken off to be washed and the inside pillows can’t be replaced in the future.  So, either my family makes use of these new decorative pillows and we shorten their life span or we just use them for decor and not lounging.

I think everything should be used and not just “staged.”  We sold a home a few years ago and my Realtor staged it for us.  The house looked great and neighbors asked me why we would want to leave when we had our home looking so nice.  My home may have looked nice, but it was no longer kid friendly.  It is a horrible feeling living in a “staged” home with an active family.  Every time the kids got out toys or we fixed a meal, I was running around the house trying to tidy everything back up for fear we’d have an unannounced showing.  With that said, I found a kid friendly solution for the couch pillow dilemma.  I found the Home Square Euro Pillow online on and also found washable Euro Fresh Ideas Tailored Poplin Pillow Shams.  I bought two Home Square Euro Pillows,
one for each end of the couch, but now find myself looking for a Euro pillow at night and they are both already spoken for by the time I sit down.  I am going to order two more Home Square Euro Pillows
along with the matching Fresh Ideas Tailored Poplin Pillow Shams and my living room will have matching, comfortable, kid friendly pillows, that can be washed as needed.  I had rather have kid friendly items in my home that can be washed and used on a daily basis, than items that I have to remind my family are only for appearance and not for use.

Below you will find the Home Square Euro Pillows and Fresh Ideas Tailored Poplin Pillow Shams that I purchased for my home.  I chose Mocha pillow shams because Mocha was a great neutral color for my family room.  Since my order was over $25, I also received free shipping!

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  1. Great read . We just sold our house and it was a pain trying to stage everything. The realtor brought in a bunch of body pillows and pictures it made me feel uncomfortable.

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