SNOW, February 2011, Personal Account From Michigan

Everyone here in Texas is just wishing for this snow to head our way.    Local business employees  are dreaming of  a “snow day.”  School bus drivers are talking with the kids about snow possibilities and school cancellations.  Parents are wanting just enough snow for the kids to see snow this year, even if the kids can just run in snow flurries for 30 minutes or so.  Last year it snowed one late afternoon and the neighborhood  kids were running from trash can lid to trash can lid, scooping the snow off the tops of the lids.  There was no accumulation and it was trash day.  The only “scoopable” snow came from the trash lids.  Yes, this sounds like a “dirty” idea, but since this was the only way for the kids to “play” in the snow, no one minded.

I have a friend who lives in Michigan and always shares her snow stories with me.  She told me about the upcoming snow last week, mentioning that it could be a record snow for her town.  I received an email from her last night:

“We got 17″ yesterday and all the schools and many businesses, colleges, doctors offices, stores, etc. were closed today, over 600 total were closed.  The US Mail canceled all deliveries, FedEx closed, doctor’s offices.  Over 80 schools have school cancellations  again for tomorrow including our school.  My son was so happy.  He was snowmobiling all day today.  We made history with the most snow in a 24 hour period, 17”  for our county.

Here is a picture from the local news tonight of how high the drifts were on the roads.  The highways were loaded with over 200 cars with people stuck and no worries, no one was hurt, they were all picked up by people on snowmobiles and taken to their families.  We broke 3 records today they just said, it was fun to be a part of it.  My husband was tired after plowing all day, our road was so badly drifted, it took him 15 minutes to plow our road and it is only 8 houses to the end.  The county snow plow trucks that plow the highways were even stuck on the side of the road but my husband was able to get through it with his new V plow.”

I grew up in Ky with snow and school cancellations, but I have NEVER seen anything like this!  Can you imagine driving to town in this?  Are you in this snow?  If so, could you send pictures to my email at  I would love to post stories, pictures or descriptions of this snow on my mom blog.

Stay warm!

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