LifeLock Identity Protector Is A Great Idea For Internet Users

I have been hearing about LifeLock for the last few months.  My husband and I have heard several radio commercials about this identity protection service.  Since I am online for several hours a day, shop online and also pay all our bills online, my husband wanted us to enroll in the LifeLock program.  I kept putting it off and he kept asking me if I had enrolled yet, and of course, I hadn’t.  My husband came home from work the other day telling me of how a young co-worker had been hit by identity theft, right through his bank account! What if identity theft happened to us?

What if it happened to your child and his social security number was taken.  How would identity theft affect him in the future?

You guessed it, I signed our whole family up for LifeLock.  I chose the monthly service plan and have already started receiving emails from Lifelock outlining their program’s steps for covering paper trails.   A month’s worth of this service was under $30 with plans for two adults and two children.

Preparation for LifeLock Enrollment

The enrollment form for the LifeLock service is very easily filled out, but you need to gather everyone’s social security numbers first.  It took me a little longer to fill out the enrollment form because I had to stop and find the kids’ social security numbers before completing the enrollment process.

Is Your Identity Safe Guarded

Just think about it, how much of your private information is shared online with the bank, your credit cards, online merchants, Paypal, Ebay, paying your bills or even ordering pizza online?  Identity theft is one of those things that you read about and don’t ever think could possible happen to your family, but what if it did?  Would you be prepared?

Stay one step ahead of identity
theft. Get LifeLock from $10/ mo.

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