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I received an email from the manager of Costume Discounters offering a free product from the costume website in return for a product review.  As I browsed the costume website looking for the perfect product for my family, I came across many costumes and accessories.  Since I don’t have any daughters, I tend to only associate costumes with Halloween.  While looking through, I was surprised to see holiday costumes for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day, Mardi Gras, and St. Patrick’s Day.   My favorite holiday costumes were the Easter Bunny Costumes, and the Santa Suits.  I even came across costumes for your pets, but my puppy is not fond of pet costumes.  She would have a pet costume eaten off her as soon as she could get her teeth into it!

My family loves our Halloween Decorations.  We have many Halloween life size standing figures that we place throughout our home during the month of October.   I was planning on reviewing a product other than one that was Halloween related, but my love for Halloween Decorations just “pulled me in!”  I chose the Lifesize Latex Grey Reaper and Costume Discounters sent him to me.  I was expecting a “stand up” Halloween figure, but when I opened the box, I saw that he had no legs.  Instead, the reaper was made to be hung up.  I would normally hang this type of decoration in my trees, but I hung him on my curtain rod in the living room to check him out and I love him there!

No, I am not going to leave him there until Halloween, but that will definitely be his home throughout the month of  October!  Along with the reaper, I found an informative insert in the box with both the front and back covering instructions on exchanges and returns.  If I would have wanted to exchange my Reaper for another item, I am confident that Costume Discounters would have taken care of it for me.  Since he looked so good on my curtain rod, I decided that he was definitely a keeper and I will not be exchanging him.

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