Save Time By Re-using Your Checklists

Do you find yourself making checklists very often?  On average, I make three checklists a week. Last night I was just working on another checklist and realized that I make this same checklist every week  I have been wasting time making this same checklist over and over when I should have made a copy of it when I realized that I would need it again.

Here’s some examples of activities where I make a checklist beforehand:

  • Camping
  • Long Trip In The Car
  • The Beach
  • Business Trip
  • Fishing Items
  • Monthly Bills / Due Dates
  • Family Vacation
  • Trip to Grandma’s

From this point forward, I plan to make my checklists on the computer and save them.  If it is a list that I will be using soon, I plan to make copies of it and leave it in the drawer for easy access.  For example, I currently have a monthly bill pay checklist.  It shows which date each bill is due and the average amount of that bill.  When that bill goes through my checking account, I highlight it.  When I make a deposit, withdrawal, or pay a credit card bill, I write it on this sheet and also highlight it when that action goes through.  This system helps me to know which bills are coming due and which payments are still outstanding.  This is an example of a checklist that I keep on hand in the drawer.  I have many bills that are automatically paid, such as the cable bill or the water bill.  When I get these invoices in the mail, I write down the bill total and then shred the bill since it is being automatically paid.

Sit down and think how many checklists you could set up.   Does your child spend the night with friend’s very often?  If so, you can have them help you compile a sleep over checklist and they can pack themselves up using their list.

Here’s a few idea’s for a sleep over list:

____ Toothbrush

____ Toothpaste

____ Comb

____ Hair Gel

____ PJ’s

____ Pillow

____ Sleeping Bag

____ Underwear

____ Socks

____ Shorts

____ Tee Shirt

After your child packs with this checklist, you will be able to quickly check it or trust their packing skills, depending on their age.  My son makes his own checklists and often helps me compile our vacation checklists or grocery shopping checklists.  Saving our checklists will make packing easier on everyone, so remember, save that next list!

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