Choose Promotional Products Wisely

The other day I received an email from a pen advertiser wanting to send me a few free pen  samples to promote my business.  I accepted the free pen samples and within a few days they were arrived along with a promotional catalog.  The pens were nice, but you had to buy at least 300.  Since I work on my mom blog at the kitchen table, where am I going to give out 300 pens?  I believe that buying promotional products would drive additional traffic to my site, but I’d like to buy something other than pens.  Since this has been on my mind, I came across another promotional company that sells a huge variety of  promotional products.  You can buy keychains, calendars, customized mugs, & more.

Although I’m not one for going to a public place to hand out promo pens, I would like to buy some mom blog promotional products that are small enough to mail in an envelope like keychains; I know you can make your own silicone wristbands too, which could be another good idea, as they’ll hold up well in an envelope.  I could mail these promos in my Christmas cards or keep them on hand in my purse.  When choosing a product, I am putting myself in the recipient’s shoes.  Some promo products are great and I use, but other’s are “cheap” and I usually throw them away.  As the purchaser, you don’t want to waste your hard earned money on promo items that your customer may throw away.

Now that I’m in the “promo mood” and thinking how these items could help my mom blog, I have also come across a company called Amsterdam Printing who even sells personalized Rubiks Cubes!  Now that would be an item that would not meet the bottom of my trash can.  My kids would probably steal that one!  They also have promotional products under a dollar that would meet my mom blog advertising budget.  I could buy personalized beach balls or the bandage dispensers that said “ on them.  I have one of the bandage dispensers and I keep it in my purse.  You never know when you’re going to need a band-aid.  All in all, promotional products are great, but make sure you choose the promo product that is right for your business.

3 thoughts on “Choose Promotional Products Wisely”

  1. Thanks for the post! I agree with you, purchasing promotional products requires a good thought. You want your recipients to remember you for a long time and hence you must personalize your giveaways with your company logo or brand name and choose an gift that can be used almost daily.

    1. You\’re welcome Sophie! I enjoyed looking through all the promotional products. I\’m just trying to figure out what product would work best for me and the best way to approach the distribution.

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