Tips For Starting A Family Journal

Tammy Hanford, an experienced teacher from Michigan, is back on the mom blog!  Today she is sharing a list of tips for you to use in making your own family journal. Enjoy!

Family Journals in the Age of Video

(Taken from Beth Katz, Writing Across the Curriculum Presentation)

If you’ve heard stories about the “good ‘ole days”, you may recall people talking about the importance of keeping a journal.  It was just as important then as it is now.  What a great way to keep track of history and family happenings.  Here is a list of tips to use if you’d like to start a family journal of your own.


1. Everybody in the family writes in the journal EVERY DAY.

2. Everybody writes at least ONE SENTENCE each day.  Preschoolers and

non- writers can draw pictures or dictate sentences or ideas to others. People write as much as they want.

3. Put-downs are not allowed.

4. Nobody can change somebody else’s entry.  Even if you notice a really big mistake, you can’t fix it unless you get permission from the writer.

5. The whole family makes the journal rules at a family meeting.

Decisions for the Family Meeting

1. WHEN do we start the family journal? (Now or during vacation?)

2. HOW LONG do we write in it? (A week, 2 weeks or a weekend?)

3. WHO is permitted to write in it? (Guests & relatives or just people in the household?)

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Common sense

Attention span

Sense of humor

Love of learning




Sense of wonder

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