Pregnant With Twins

Jessica Hinkle, a Policy and Procedures Coordinator from Kentucky, wants to share her “twin experience” with moms everywhere through the mom blog.

I’m Having What?

Fall of 2008, I discovered I was 6 weeks pregnant with twins.  The thought  of getting pregnant with twins never crossed my mind.   I would be pregnant with twins!  I knew I was pregnant and expected to go to the doctor and verify my “singleton” pregnancy.   My world suddenly changed.  The day I was told I was pregnant with twins,  I spent 4 hours in the mall just walking around in a complete daze accomplishing absolutely nothing not even a purchase.  The few people I told I was pregnant with twins, made comments like, “Bless your heart” and “Oh my.”   These words were not much encouragement, more so the words horrified me.  I had never been pregnant, never had any kids, and when I did get pregnant after a full week of trying, I was pregnant with twins.

After having a wonderful twin pregnancy without any complications, I had two  healthy identical twin girls.  When my girls were  two months of age, I walked a 5K.  This was not an easy task, but I made it.  During the 5k, I talked to a lady that was pushing a twin stroller.   I asked about her twins and told her a few of my struggles with having twins, like sleep deprivation.  She said something to me that has stuck with me everyday.  She said, “Every three months it gets easier.”   The twins will get stronger and more independent every three months and so will you.

Two years later, I can say that lady, I don’t recall her name, was right.  I am so glad I met her, because every time I was having a bad day, I knew that in 3 months it would get easier.  Now, when people see me with the twins and they say “Bless your heart,” I say, “I am blessed!”

Share your thoughts with Jessica through the comment section on this mom blog post.  She is eager to hear from you and ready to answer any questions about raising twins that you may have for her.

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  1. I know you wrote this months ago, but I’m only coming across it now. How awesome that your pregnancy was complication free! Did your babies share a placenta, were they “mono-di twins”? I’m pregnant right now with identical twin girls (35 weeks on Saturday) and I can not say it’s been uncomplicated. Luckily, the scares have all been just that – scares, but still. I’m due to deliver in 11 days! Thanks for posting your story and for the encouragement!

    1. Anya,
      My babies didn’t share the same placenta.
      Twins are challenging, but when you love them so MUCH, its easy! You’ll definitely be tired for a few weeks after they’re born, but over time you’ll get into a routine. I live for routine and structure and I think it helps my girls stay comfortable knowing what’s coming next. (i.e. eat supper, go walking, take a bath, watch Dora, and go to bed.)
      You are so blessed. Jessica

    2. I know this is none of my business. but I just wanted to throw this out there. I would encourage you to have a c-section. I did and am so glad!! it’s the safest way for the babies. When there’s 2 you have to be extra careful. Again its none of my business, but I just wanted to share that with you…its been bothering me ALL DAY!!!!

      1. Actually, I really appreciate you saying that. My doctor isn’t really giving me a choice – I mean once she laid out the risks the choice was made. I am disappointed about it and worry about bonding and breast feeding, but I have come to accept that it is the safest thing for them and nothing is more important. Did you have to deliver early? I’m delivering between 36 and 37 weeks. Doctor also doesn’t want me go past that, but that’s because of the shared placenta…

  2. Anya,

    Thanks for writing the mom blog! Jessica was the author of the post and I have let her know that you had a few questions for her. She is going to reply back to you on this post tonight after her babies go to sleep. Take care and good luck!

    -Bobbie Anne

  3. At first, I didn’t want to have a c-section either, but once the doctor explained I was all on board.
    I delivered at 37 weeks. I worked til the day I had them.
    They’re your babies, bonding will happen instantly!! I wouldn’t worry about that.
    I did have a tough time breast feeding (I did it for 3 months). I didn’t produce enough so they put me on medication. The side effect to the medication was drowsiness! The medication made me run straight to the grocery for store bought milk. And even with store bought milk, they are healthy babies. The babies were well fed which made them sleep longer and giving me rest as well. This made for a happy family.

    In sum, do what works for you! Everyone is different and has different experiences. Follow your heart, you’ll be a great mom.

  4. thank you! everyone keeps telling me it’s ok if the bf doesn’t work out, and not to feel like a failure. i understand, as with the c-section you do what’s best for babies/family and it’s not always what you think would be best in your ideal hypothetical world. i’m glad to hear your babes are healthy that’s what’s most important.

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