Book Clubs Will Keep Your Children Reading

As a retired teacher and mother, I like to keep my children involved in reading books.  Summer is on its’ way and time for your kids to enjoy themselves, but to also keep reading.  My son loves series books or often gets hooked on a particular author for a while. He is very easy to shop for, since we are always looking for the next book in the series or another good read written by his favorite author.

I do take the kids to the library, but since our schedule is always full, sometimes it is cheaper for me to actually buy books than it is to check them out.  I say this, because we can never get the library books returned on time and always incur library late fees!  Going to the library once in a while is a great experience for the kids, but they DO check out a lot of books they never open.  I usually find myself tracking down a book from the used book store, but that can also take up time waiting for a particular title to come in.

This summer, I am going to join a book club.  I found two clubs to choose from.  Doubleday Book Club carries books for all ages, where the Children’s Book Club focuses mainly on the kids, carrying books for kids which are broken down by age group.  I really don’t have much time to read books myself, since I find enjoyment from reading online blogs.  So, for my family, the children’s book club might be the right fit.  My children and I  could look through the books for kids online and place our order right from the kitchen table!  I believe that by joining one of these clubs, our family will be able to keep on reading, without taking time to check out, hunt down our books, return books and pay late fees!

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