Minnie Mouse Party Ideas

Jessica, a friend from www.OneStopShopForKids.com sent me pics of her daughter’s first birthday and I couldn’t help but ask her if I could share them on the mom blog.  You guessed it…Minnie Mouse Birthday Party.  Jessica even made the treats herself!

Check these out, the Minnie Mouse cupcakes are more my speed.  She used mini Oreos and  white chocolate chips on top of pink icing.  I think I’d like to try these with red / blue icing since I have boys and then call them Mickey Mouse Cupcakes!

Check this out!  I love everything.  It ties in together perfectly.  I didn’t know Jessica was so crafty!  Her pics are very impressive.  I have to buy my birthday cakes if I want them to look like anything more than icing and a few toy cars or zoo animals on top.  I have to say, cake decorating is NOT one of my strong points.

On top of all these goodies, Jessica had a video of her daughter playing throughout the party along with a Mickey soundtrack in the background.  Her little girl even wore a Minnie party outfit which consisted of a onesie that had her name and a picture of Minnie on it.  She even wore a pink tutu to go with it – how cute!

Did you notice all the pink and white polka dots everywhere?  It looks like I need to be consulting her on my next set of birthday plans.  I hope you enjoyed the pics as much as I did. Read More Minnie Mouse Party Items You Can Make Yourself   to learn how Jessica  made the party items from the post and also see her Minnie Mouse homemade party favors!

3 thoughts on “Minnie Mouse Party Ideas”

  1. super cool cupcakes!! i'm trying to think of ideas for my daughter's 2nd birthday cake. i think i might nab this and use large oreos for the cake (adding enough for mikey and minnie) and the mini oreos for the cupcakes. AWESOME Job 2 Jessica!

    1. Jennifer,
      This sounds like a great idea. If you wouldn't mind, could you send me pics of your cake? So many people are reading this post, they would love to see variations!

      Bobbie Anne

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