You Can Wash Disposable Swim Diapers!

Summer is almost here and swimming is on our minds, or at least on our children’s minds!  Those of you with small ones have probably already started to invest in the large amounts of swim diapers you will need.  My children are past that stage, but I still remember the packs of Huggies swim diapers we went through each summer.  I came across a post from another mom blog, that said you could wash your disposable swim diapers!  Unbelievable, why didn’t I run across this when I was buying swim diapers?  Anyways, I know what kind of expense those little diapers can be, so I wanted to pass this information on to you.  Click mom blog to get to the link on how to wash disposable swim diapers.

Hope this helps,

Bobbie Anne

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