Exciting Dallas Deals from WeeklyPlus.com

Dallas Weekly Deals from www.WeeklyPlus.com just keeps getting better.  This week they have a deal that anyone can take advantage of, no matter where they live in the U.S.  I’m glad to see this deal, since I have been wanting to try out one of these deals, but unfortunately I don’t live close enough to Dallas to try one out.  Silver Label Steaks is offering a Summer Deal on frozen meat which includes up to six pounds of mail- order meat for 57% off the regular price with this deal.  Click on Mom Blog Info to see the deal overview for Silver Label Steaks.

Have you ever had your teeth whitened?  Recently my husband came home with a $54 pack of Crest White Strips.  We both tried this one night and I say one night, because I haven’t bothered to do it again.  I’m sure it works, but it is a daily, 30 minute hassle that I don’t really want.  I would love to skip this aggravation and have my teeth whitened at the dentist, but in our area, the average teeth whitening service costs $500.  www.WeeklyPlus.com is running an unbelievable teeth whitening deal that makes you feel like you need to take a trip to the Dallas area! $49 for a 45-Minute, In-Studio Teeth Whitening Treatment at Perfect Ten Smile ($249 Value).

As always, Weekly Plus is offering three deals this week, the last deal is a 50-minute treatment at Beauty Oasis Rx Skin Care in Allen, TX for 67% off the regular price.  For those of you that often enjoy spa treatments, you know this is a great deal.

If you haven’t already joined WeeklyPlus.com, you need to sign up.  You will then receive the same weekly email updates as I do.  These updates alert me of the newest Weekly Plus Deals every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  The updates are so clear that you can rely on them instead of checking the website every time you think of it.  Sometimes I sign up for so many things and then can’t remember the name of the site in order to return.  Since WeeklyPlus.com sends me weekly reminders, I don’t have to worry about forgetting where to find them again!

*”Disclaimer / Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Weeklyplus.com; however, all opinions and views stated are 100% my own.”*

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    1. Weekly Plus is a great site for those living in Dallas, Denver or Phoenix. It never hurts to sign up and \”watch it\” for awhile to see if it is right for you. I hope it saves you tons!

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