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When telling people about my “mom blog,” I have been told, “I am not a mom, but I can look.”  This bothers me since I want my site to be helpful to all women, not just “moms.”  I include helpful tips and recipes for everyone.  “Mom Blog” just tends to be a broad term, but in my case, it means:  a blog written by a mom.  My blog is geared towards women, but I also have male followers as well.

While reading through several mom blogs this weekend, I came across a great post that inspired me to comment on this subject.  Click here to view the post on mom blogs that I found this weekend.

So remember, mom blog, really means “blog written by a mom.”  If you haven’t subscribed yet, please do.  A subscription will allow you to receive weekly updates from the mom blog, including the latest posts.

2 thoughts on “Mom Blog, NOT Just For Moms!”

  1. Bobbie Anne . . .
    I like your blog. . . was especially interested in the butterfly garden . . . we could have used that when you were in my biology class. We come to Dallas every summer to visit my wife's two brothers… one is a special education teacher who may be able to use some of your material. I will let him know.

    1. Mr. Beavers, I appreciate your comments! The butterfly garden was a success and I would highly recommend it for every classroom. 4/5 butterflies hatched yesterday and my child is overjoyed. He was even singing to them in hopes they'd fly quicker.

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