Fun Summer Family Activities

It is important to spend time with your family, especially when your kids are out of school.  Stephanie Holleman, founder of Mom’s Healthy Market, has a post that she’d like to share on the mom blog.  She has suggested 17 fun filled Summer Activities.  Take a look, how many of these could your family take advantage of this summer?

Summer Family Activities that are Fun for All

A guest post by Stephanie Holleman, Founder of Mom’s Healthy Market

Its summer and time for summer fun with the family.  Although there are fun individual activities such as t-ball games, soccer practices, birthday parties, sleep-over’s, and summer camps for each of your children, the best days of summer are spent when families share time together.

For an extra special summer try these summer family activities:

1)      Bike to the Ice Cream Store

2)      Hike a Trail or Climb a Mountain

3)      Visit your City’s Botanical Garden

4)      Attend a Baseball game or Sporting Event

5)      Have a Picnic at your Favorite Park

6)      Enjoy a day at the Beach, Lake or Ocean

7)      Make Homemade Ice-cream

8)      Go Fruit Picking for Strawberries, Cherries or Blueberries

9)      Surprise your Kids with a Day off Work to a Surprise Location of your Choice

10)  Take a Road Trip to a City you Have Never Been to Before

11)  Swim at a Local Pool or Splash Pad

12)  Go Camping at a State Park

13)  Try a New Sport like Golfing or Tennis

14)  Have an Unplanned Water Fight in your Own Backyard

15)  Go to an Amusement Park or Water Park

16)  Do a Community Service Project like Painting or Weeding for a Neighbor

17)  Pick your Favorite Summer Family Activity and Make it an Annual Tradition to Look Forward to Every year!

Stephanie Holleman, B.A., Grad. Dip. Ed. Founder of Mom’s Healthy Market ( is an experienced Teacher and Licensed Preschool Director that has worked with children in multiple countries around the world. Stephanie is an advocate for healthy living and healthy parenting. As a mother of four children, she offers mom-to-mom tips for parents on healthy and educational parenting.

Mom’s Healthy Market is a trusted guide providing inspiration and resources for raising healthier and smarter children. Our goal is to inspire and encourage moms to provide a safe, stimulating and healthier home for their growing child and we are committed to promoting essential children’s products that research supports. All of our hand-selected healthy products are Eco-friendly, Non-toxic, Safe, Organic, Preservative free, Educational, and/or Recommended by Doctors and Dietitians.

Stay Tuned, my family’s homemade banana ice cream recipe is to follow this post since Stephanie suggested making ice cream.  Stephanie is looking forward to your comments.  Do you have any additional Summer activities to add to this list?   How many of  these ideas can you try out this Summer?  Print out Stephanie’s list and stick it to your fridge as a reminder to plan those Summer activities before Summer comes to an end.

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    1. This is one of my favorites. Almost all kids love a fun water fight on a hot day! The best part about a water fight is that it's free and you don't have to go anywhere to have fun. Enjoy!

  1. These are some great activities for the summer! I think my family will be trying to do # 5, 8, 11 & 15!! thank you so much for the ideas! We are always looking for things to do!!

  2. Jessica – Glad you like the summer activities. Picnics seem to be a thing of the past but kids love them and parents need them to slow down a little. Enjoy your time with your son!

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