Mom Blog Review: 2011 Honda Odyssey

This is a review written on my personal 2011 Honda Odyssey.

Here’s a picture of my personal Smokey Topaz 2011 Honda Odyessy.  My previous vehicle was a 2006 Honda Odyessy, so you can see I am an Odyessy fan.

The console is great and all the controls are user friendly.  I am able to have XM radio and program my favorite stations.  I would say Radio Disney is playing 95% of the time!

The open “box” you see if the cooler that is cooled using the air condition.  I was so excited about this feature when I was purchasing the 2011 Honda Odyessy.  It is so hot in Texas that my family is always carrying around a cooler to keep from buying drinks at the gas station.  Well, sadly, we are still carrying around a cooler because this “cooler option” stinks!!!  You might as well just use this for a catch all drawer.  Your drinks have to be VERY cold before you put them in there and they don’t seem to stay that cold.  The cooler is supposed to stay cool for an hour after you turn off the vehicle, but I don’t think so, unless the Odyessy is just not ready for the Texas Heat!  So…. don’t let this option sway you into buying this vehicle since the Honda Pilot lacks the cooler, but is also a great vehicle.

The second row middle seat is great for the kids.  As you can see, my kids have a peppermint stash from the restaurants we frequent.  You can never have too many cup holders in a vehicle!

The back end of the 2011 Honda Odyessy is so big.  This vehicle does have a third row, but I like to use it as a covered pickup since I can carry such large objects.  We just bought a full size coffee table and had room to spare.  I have also seen someone load a love seat in the back of the Odyessy too!

The optional Honda floor mats are SO worth the extra money.  We put our van to the test this weekend and hit the beach.  You can imagine all the sand we had in there once we got back home!  These large rubber-like floor mats saved me lots of cleaning time.  I was able to lift them from the van, wash them off and get all the sand out of each section of the van!  These mats are great since they hook right into the floor and never move around.

The Honda Odyessy back up camera…… it has spoiled me!!  I love it.  Look at the picture and you can see my driveway as I see it when the van is in reverse.  The Honda Odyessy navigation system is user friendly and very useful.

Of course, my Scentsy Scent Circle can always be found hanging from my rear view mirror.

I thought I’d give you proof that I really drive this vehicle.  This is my newest addition to the my Odyessy.  I had the back window wrapped to show off my mom blog and my Scentsy site.  What do you think?

All in all, I love the Odyessy, but if I could change two things about it, I would…..

1. Improve the cooler.

2. Make the driver more aware when they are running low on fuel with an “eye catching low fuel light.” Weekly Promo Offer 468 x 60

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  3. Thanks for the Odyssey review. I am looking at this vehicle as Mr. Mom in my small family of just 1 kid & 1 dog. How has the costs/reliability been? Gas Mileage? Which version did you get?

    1. I love the van, but my husband would rather not buy another one. He\’d rather have a \”cooler\” vehicle than a van, but I love it. This is my second Odyssey and no problems with either one. I got the version that came with the sunroof, navigation system and the back up camera. If it were just me, one kid and a dog, I would probably go with the CRV because the newer version of the Odyssey is larger than the older one. When the back seats are down, I can carry a love seat or a large coffee table! Gas mileage is about 17 mpg. I love it!

  4. Hi! I stumbled upon this block entry while searching for reviews of the Odyssey Smoky Topaz color. I need your help! Long story short: My husband and I purchased a 2013 Honda Odyssey in Smoky Topaz. Originally we wanted it in the Polished Metallic, which is the dark gray; however, there are NONE left in our home state of VA. We have until tomorrow morning to change our minds, which we might do because we are worried that the Smoky Topaz will have too much brown in it. Do you think your Smoky Topaz leans toward brown, or it more of a charcoal gray? Thanks so much in advance!

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