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I received an email from asking me if  I’d write a book review in return for a free Mickey Mouse personalized book for my 5 year old son.  Since this was a personalized book, I was asked for my child’s full name, age, hometown city and state, names of three of my child’s friends or relatives and the name of the person giving the gift, along with the date the gift was to be given.

I checked out their website and there were tons of  book themes to choose from if you’d like to check this out.  My Mickey Mouse: The Treasure Hunt book, arrived in the mail as promised.  It was hardback, with eleven front and back pages of print and colorful illustrations.  I was excited about it and couldn’t wait to read it.  The first page had my son’s name on it, along with “With Love From Mom and Dad.”  The book immediately involved my son and his personalized information.

All of the pages were illustrated, with no blank or white pages and print.

The book was very eye catching!   My son; however, is at an age where he is “a big kid” like his older brother.  He was immediately upset to see a Mickey Mouse book as he opened his “surprise from the mailbox.”  I couldn’t believe it, because I thought it was a great gift and was already thinking how I could give personalized books as birthday gifts to my son’s friends.

I put the book aside for a few days before writing the review in case he changed his mind about listening to the Mickey Mouse book.  This morning, I gave up on him and decided to write the book review without him.  He came downstairs, saw the Mickey Mouse book sitting next to me and wanted me to read it!  Yeah, thank you!  He smiled as he listened to the story that included him and his friends on a treasure hunt.  He said he does like the book, but has a question about it:   “If the book is supposed to be about me, then why is my picture not in the book?

If you’ve got a child who loves books, check this site out.

Here’s their contact info:

Personally Yours Books

6-14 Christie Place

Fair Lawn, New Jersey 07410


As a mother, and retired school teacher, I love this product!  It involves the child in the book while holding his/her attention.  Be careful, make sure you chose the proper personalized book for your child.  When ordering another personalized book for my son, I will definitely look for an older theme, rather than Mickey Mouse.  What can you say, kids are honest!

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  1. Thanks for the review. I have seen books like these. I think the kids are more interested when its them in the story, but I agree with your son too, their picture should be in it.

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