Mom Blog: 25 Random Facts About Bobbie Anne

1. I live in Texas.
2. My favorite vacation is one spent on the beach.
3. I like to ride my bike.
4. I do most of my holiday shopping online.
5. I have one dog.
6. My kids recycle aluminum cans for extra money.
7. My husband has an investment blog.
8. I love my Gateway Notebook.
9. I sell Scentsy.
10. I used to teach 5th grade in Louisiana.
11. I have lived in KY, MI, TN, LA and TX.
12. I would rather live in a “hot” state, than in a “cold” one.
13. I enjoy chatting on MomCafe.
14. I have made many online friends through writing my blog.
15. I love to receive comments on my blog.
16. I like to offer guest posts from other moms on my blog.
17. I love to EAT over the holidays.
18. My favorite holiday recipe is peanut butter fudge.
19. I love homemade banana ice cream during the warm months.
20. My dog ate a 1/4 bag of marshmallows last night!
21. I like writing product reviews.
22. I am currently running a giveaway for a Flip Camera.
23. I don’t like to play video games that much.
24. I like to read books, but don’t have time.
25. I write Cost Per Click ads when I get extra time.

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