Kids Recycle For Extra Money

Today the kids and I dropped off a truck load of aluminum cans at the recycling center.  We would never be able to collect this amount of  aluminum cans without the help of our dedicated recycling neighbors! The kids have been collecting aluminum cans for a year now and the neighbors continue to support them in their money raising efforts.   After the kids have collected enough cans to fill our pickup,  we make a trip to the local recycling center.  Today’s load was a full 70 pounds!  At a rate of .65 per pound, both kids left with over $22 dollars in their hands!  Don’t you wish you could have recycled cans to make money like this when you were a kid?

The employees at the recycling center are always so friendly and help us load all our aluminum cans onto the scale as seen above.  It took two trips on the scale before our truck was empty again.

I previously posted Kids Need to Personally Experience The Gift Of Giving which told how my kids use their recycling money to buy gifts for each other.  Read below to get your kids started in the “can business.”

1.  Locate a recycling center near your home that pays for aluminum
2.  Find a place to store the collected cans.
3.  Help the kids write an informative letter, in their handwriting, to your neighbors explaining why they need their help collecting aluminum cans.  Be sure to include your contact information so they can set up a can pick up. My kids wrote a letter to the neighbors explaining why they wanted to collect aluminum cans.  I made copies of that letter and stapled it to a grocery sack which we hung on the neighbor’s front doors.  We had people call us and set up times for us to pick up their cans.
4.  Help your kids pass out the letters and start collecting the cans from your house.
5.  Keep me updated!  I can’t wait to hear from you.

A majority of your neighbors will want to help kids save aluminum cans, especially if they know the money is 100% for the kids. People will also want to help more if they know the purpose behind the earnings. Weekly Promo Offer 468 x 60

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