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I was contacted by Mona Refay, in regards to her Snoogis, motivational bedtime story audio CD’s for kids.  She introduced me to her the Snoogis series and explained that “she offers unique audio stories for young children to promote self-confidence, self-discipline and a healthy sleep routine.”  She sent me a free copy of “Milli and Lilly Save The Zoo,” in exchange for a product review.     These bedtime relaxation stories are approximately 30 minutes long with a 10 minute relaxation excercise at the end and targets grades K-3. Here’s a summary of “Milli and Lilly Save the Zoo,” straight from Mrs. Refay’s website:

Promoting Determination and Self-Belief

Milli and Lilly Save the Zoo

Milly and Lilli, the two tiny millipedes, will capture your child’s heart with their humor and passion. Your child will love the wonderful success story of Milli and Lilli, who with courage, determination and self-belief were able to beat the odds and save the zoo.

Now that you know a little about the Snoogis CD, I’d like to share  my kindergartener’s thoughts on it.  He was so excited when he saw the picture of the cartoon frog on the front cover that he couldn’t wait to see this movie.  Problem was, this wasn’t a movie and my child is not used to listening to audio CD’s.  You can check out Mona Refay’s website at  Once my child was able to “see” the Snoogis in action, he was much happier about listening to their stories.


Like I said before, my children don’t normally listen to audio CD’s, so it took a few times before they would give their full attention to the Snoogis. The relaxation part was great, I personally liked it myself with the slow movements and relaxing music at the end.  I think these stories would be great to use along with hands on activities such as drawing scenes from each story.

All in all, the Snoogis CD’s would be better suited for kids who often listen to CD’s while in the car or have used them in the past at naptime, bedtime or storytimes.  I have friends that have special CD’s they keep in their car to “keep their children happy” when they have to run errands during naptime.  The truth is…I have spoiled my kids with night time cartoons / movies and now they aren’t too keen on audio CD’s.  As a teacher from the past, I strongly believe the Snoogis would be an awesome addition to the classroom environment. As a matter of fact, I am going to loan my personal Snoogis CD to my child’s kindergarten teacher for use in the classroom.

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