Mom Review: For Carpets

I have carpet throughout my upstairs and I also have kids, a husband, and a dog.  With that being said,  I purchased a steam cleaner for my floors a few years ago.  Messes are inevitable, so I bought the steam cleaner in order to clean the rugs myself whenever it was necessary.  In the past, I found myself  renting a Rug Dr. from the store every time we had a big accident that needed more than spray on rug treatment and that was a hassle!

I have always cleaned the rugs myself but decided I’d hire it done once before a party when I found myself running too low on time.  After having them done, there was a HUGE difference in the appearance of my carpets!  It made me not want to spend all that time cleaning my floors again unless I was just spot cleaning.  The carpet guy explained that the smaller rug steam cleaners leave soap residue that gradually builds up over time.  The larger professional units like those at do not leave the residue, and leave your rugs completely clean.  I have to say, he made a believer out of  me that day.  In order to find this company, I searched for “commercial steam carpet cleaner austin.”

Now, I still use my cleaner for those accidents, but when it is time to clean every room of carpet, it is much easier to hire it done and let them move the furniture for you if it is in your budget.  Your carpet will look much better and it will save you time in the end.

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