More Minnie Mouse Party Items You Can Make Yourself

After speaking with Jessica from One Stop Shop For Kids, she sent me a few more ideas from her daughter’s Minnie Mouse Birthday Party to share on the mom blog. If you missed out on my first Minnie Mouse post, Minnie Mouse Party Ideas, be sure to read it so you can see Jessica’s awesome Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake.

Minnie Mouse Centerpiece For Birthday Party



Jessica painted styrofoam balls black, attached a bow with hotglue  and then ribbon was glued around a tupperware container.  She then glued the Minnie Mouse to the tupperware by using a piece of cardboard covered in ribbon.

Homemade Minnie Mouse Cupcake Stand



Jessica used cake plates, mushroom cans covered in Minnie Mouse Ribbon and a box of expired food as the base covered with construction paper and ribbon.  She hot glued everything together and added her Minnie Mouse cupcakes.  You could also change the pink to red or blue  and have Mickey Mouse Cupcakes instead.


Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Favor Bags – Homemade



Jessica made a Minnie Mouse on a label then put a picture of her daughters face and wrote ” Thanks for coming to my party” on the ears.  She said this party favor was a big hit, especially for the kids since the bags were stuffed with bubbles.  If your birthday girl needs a Minnie Mouse dress or Minnie Mouse costume check out the ones below.
Thanks again Jessica, we LOVE your Minnie Mouse party ideas!

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