Summer Outdoor Party Game w/ Water Bottles

Looking for a few easy games for an outdoor party?  You can play a great Summer outdoor water game using the three household items listed below:

*Toilet Paper
*Spray Bottles

This outdoor game for kids is a great way to beat the heat at an outdoor party!  (Don’t for get the adults, they like to play too!)

We played this toilet paper game at my son’s backyard birthday party and bought each child a spray bottle to be included with their “goodie bag.”

Tape a piece of toilet paper to each player’s back.  Make sure the toilet paper doesn’t get sprayed while you are setting this game up.  The toilet paper must be dry when you attach it to the players backs.

Fill up everyone’s water bottles and RUN!  Each player squirts the other players until the toilet paper gets so wet it falls off.  The player that keeps his toilet paper on the longest is the winner!  This is the perfect game for a summer outdoor party in the Texas heat!  I love having parties for the kids at our house, but due to the hot summer weather, we either have to go for early morning parties or later afternoon ones.  We always look for great water games and are always sure to include water balloons as well.  One year we made the mistake of leaving the broken water balloon pieces on the driveway until after the party was over.  Once everyone had left, the boys and I went out to clean up the balloon mess and the balloons had MELTED to the driveway!  This made a huge mess, so from now on, the rule is that everyone must help pick up the water balloon mess before we can move on to the next game.

Do you have outdoor parties at your house?  If so, what are a few of your favorite games?




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  2. OMGoodness! That is so simple and I know my son and his friends will absolutely love it. I like that there is a specific target to determine who wins because often the neighborhood boys come to me arguing about who got shot with the water guns the most times…this makes it very clear, so no more arguing! Thanks.

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