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I believe it is very important for parents to teach their child about money and the responsibilities that go with it.  My children recycle aluminum cans from the neighborhood in order to make extra money.  They have neighbors who save the cans aside from their recycling each week and the kids make a weekly run through the neighborhood picking up their cans.   I helped them get this started with fliers, emails and a few phone calls.  Now it is their responsibility to pick up their cans.  We have been doing this for a year and a half now and they are always more “can hungry” before vacation, holidays and any other times where they will need a little extra money.

The kids are expected to help around the house and are not paid a weekly allowance.  After seeing me and all my coupons and newspapers hunting for the holiday sales, they now compare prices when shopping themselves.  They buy each other birthday and Christmas gifts from their can earnings and have personal limits of what they would like to spend.  My oldest will even compare activities and their costs before selecting what he’d like our family to do for the weekend.  For example, “We could rent a few Redbox movies, order pizza, and buy a new board game or we could all go to the theater.  Most often, he will choose the first option because he will enjoy the night of home movies, but will also come out ahead with a game that he can keep.”

I have been contacted by T. Rowe Price, the sponsor  of The Great Piggy Bank Adventure at Epcot.  They wanted to share information about which is an online game that can be used to teach financial literacy to children.  Check this free online game out, it is lots of fun and designed for kids ages 8 to 14.  You can visit The Great Piggy Bank Adventure at INNOVATIONS at Epcot in Walt Disney World.  This is an interactive experience that “combines physical and virtual elements to create fun-filled learning challenges that the entire family can enjoy.”

T. Rowe Price is so dedicated towards teaching kids financial literacy, that he has given me an American Express Gift Card for my time and a Great Piggy Bank Adventure Flip Cam to be given away to my readers!  The Giveaway Is now ENDED.

In order to be entered in the Great Piggy Bank Adventure Giveaway, you MUST…….

Answer one of the following questions from T. Rowe Price in the form of a comment, found at the top right of  this post.

Due to shipping costs, this contest is open to U.S. addresses only.

Here are the questions from THE GREAT PIGGY BANK ADVENTURE GIVEAWAY…… You must choose at least one to comment on in order to be included in the drawing.

1.  When do you talk to your kids about money?

2.  Do you talk to your kids about money at the ATM or grocery store?

3.  How do you teach your kids about financial concepts in the news today such as inflation and setting financial goals like saving for college?

4.  When you give your kids an allowance, do you ask them to set a goal for their spending and / or talk about ways to spend wisely?

5.  Do you ever use items in the news, such as inflation, as a chance to teach your kids about the concept?  If so, what have you found works well to help them understand inflation or other financial concepts?

For additional entries:

*Answer more of the questions from above.  Make sure to leave each answer in a separate comment in order to receive multiple entries.

Thank you so much!  T. Rowe Price cannot wait to hear your comments!  Good Luck!

“A gift card and the Great Piggy Bank Adventure-branded Flip Camera have been provided courtesy of T. Rowe Price.  T. Rowe Price is not involved in or responsible for the outcome of this giveaway.”

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  1. 1. When do you talk to your kids about money?

    I am teaching my little one young about money. The first thing I have done is taught him to use money in exchange for goods and how to tip. I usually give him the money to pay for his ice cream, popcorn, or haircut. That way he learns that he has to use money to get things. I also have given him a piggy bank, which is great for fine motor skills. We are starting to talk about addition and different sizes of coins. He definitely likes to pay for things using the credit card at the grocery store.

  2. I am always talking to my kids about money at the grocery store! For some reason, my 10 year old wants everything she sees! It makes a good segue into the discussion about the cost of things.

    1. How many "new" food items do you make it home with that no will ends up eating? We try lots of new snacks and then end up giving them out to friends that come and play. I've even the Orkin man a box of Fruity Pebble bars to take home to his kids.

  3. 2. I make sure that when we are at the checkout my kids understand that we are paying for the items that we are getting, also that it's important to pay for our groceries, and not steal anything.

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  5. I talked to my kids about money as soon as they were old enough to receive an allowance. I told them to save their money for rainy days and not to spend it foolishly and to think about what they wanted to buy and not do impulse spending.

  6. We talk to our kids about money, even more now that they have jobs and their own paychecks. They started out spending every cent on clothes, CD's, movies, eating out, but something we said must have penetrated their skulls because they have both opened savings accounts and plan for future expenses, like car insurance and college.

  7. I teach my kids from a young age about money and what things cost. It is funny hearing my daughter tell me how expensive a toy is because she understands now.

    sassysasha817 at gmail dot com

  8. Adrienne Gordon

    We always talk to our kids about it. We both work out of the house and money can be tight, we explain the trade off between having alot of money when we worked 80 hours per week, and having less, but being there for them each day.

  9. I talk to my children about the store and how we save money by using coupons. They are responsible for helping me find the items that correspond with the coupons.

  10. I talk to my kids about money whenever I can. When cutting grocery coupons, while shopping and looking for sale items. We talk about money when they earn money for chores and when they want to save for something. Also, when my husband and I save for something, we explain to the kids that not buying on credit is better and only buy an item when you have the money to pay for it when possible.
    Thanks so much.

  11. I often talk to my kids about money when we're at the grocery store. I show them how to save money, look for sale items and use coupons to also save.

  12. We openly talk to our kids about our saving for the future and about inflation. Especially with fuel prices so high, we speak to them about not expecting us to make extra trips, just because they want us to. We also make them aware that saving for the future and their future is important. when the kids get gifts for Birthdays or other times, we have them put 1/2 in their savings account, to help them with future college costs.

  13. No I never use items in the news, such as inflation, as a chance to teach your kids about the concept, because they are way too young to understand that at this time.

  14. when our kids get their allowance, they know that they need to put 1/3 aside for their future and larger items that they may want. They put 1/3 aside for whatever they please, and the other 1/3 is usually for charity.

  15. When I give my kids allowance, I question what they plan on using the money for. They know they shouldn't spend it all on little things that don't really matter, in order for them to save up for something they REALLY want.

  16. I taught my kids from a young age about money and how they should always put a little aside for those rainy day expenses, which are all so frequent in today’s economy!

  17. I talk to my kids at the grocery store. It's where I hear "can I have this?, can I have that?". I let them get one thing each and let them know that we don't have money to buy everything they want because we need money for other things too.

  18. Do you talk to your kids about money at the ATM or grocery store?

    Yes, definitely, since it's probably the most real-world, practical way to teach them about it. Whenever there's stuff they want, I tell them that we can't buy everything from the store and that money has to be earned and doesn't come out of the ATM magically!

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  20. When do you talk to your kids about money? ALL THE TIMES THEY NEED TO KNOW IT IS NOT JUST TO THROW AROUND

  21. I talk to my kids about money at home before the store so they understand before shopping with me.

  22. I talk to my little girl about money at the grocery store, mostly. She's only 3, so it basically consists of me telling her that we aren't going to buy some things because it's not a priority in our budget, and also explaining about the checkout process. As she gets older, I intend to explain more about comparing prices, etc.

  23. Rosanne Morrison

    My kids range from 19-32. When they were growing up they were given allowance based on their grade for example $1.00 a week for first grade on up through high school which would be $12.00l. This was their spending money. Of course you'd want to increase the amount today. They would save it up to use when they really wanted something or to go somewhere. When they got gifts they were to save half of it. We had four sons. 2 are thrifty actually cheap like their father and 2 like to spend like me. I tried to teach them a happy medium of saving some but stil enjoying life and being able to buy things.

  24. Theresa Jenkins

    2. Do you talk to your kids about money at the ATM or grocery store?

    When our kids were younger they knew that we when to work for money and there was so much to go around( not exact amounts) and when we when to the grocery store they understood words like not in the budget, not on the list or just plain NO….there were also alot of yes's….but they knew you needed money to buy and purchase ,you can't just HAVE.

  25. Theresa Jenkins

    When my kids started school they got the talk that Adults go the work to make money so we can have and do things and there's only so much to go around so you can't have everything and DO everything…So, their JOB was to go to school and their money was their reportcards.If they got good grades(a C or above)you can have and do things ,if not you can't have or do things.

  26. well since my kids was born,we started them a bank account.for bdays christmas or any other times they would get money it would go in the bank.along with a change jar that we put in and they go around to papaws,mamaws ,uncle and ect ask for put in the bank.when it comes to bdays they ow decide how much they put in and most of the time they will keep $5.we started the out early teaching them the value of money nd about buyig junk compared to what you need or really want..and now my lil girl is 10 and is lovig couponing with me.they seen us go through lay off with work and things get down and out.i always try to be honest wth my kids kids and explain it to them and the reason for or not for doing it.i feel if i hide things they will never we started out very early with money.

  27. I find that being in the store or at the ATM/Bank is a good time to teach kids about money. And while at the bank teach them to make small deposits into their very own savings account.

  28. I did use the newspaper and magazine articles with my son as he got older to discuss many things, including finance, federal budget, unemployment–the bigger picture.

  29. We talk to our children often about money. It usually starts when they get birthday money. They are allowed to spend some and the rest they have to put in their college funds. We show them the statements when they come in so they can see the money grow.

  30. I discuss money everyday with my son. When we are at the grocery store we compare prices and even sizes. This time is a good time to talk about inflation, comparing what things cost today and what they cost a month ago. I have also pointed out how some items are shrinking yet costing the same. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  31. 2. Do you talk to your kids about money at the ATM or grocery store?

    Yes, I think these are both perfect times to chat with kids about money and to begin teaching them the ropes

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  33. I talk to my kids about money and budgeting any chance I get. We have begun back to school shopping and that has been a good chance to show them how far your money can go or how fast it can go. They used to just pick up items at the grocery store without thinking about the cost, now they compare prices and sizes for the best value.

  34. I talk to my 4 year old son about money all the time. He will be 5 in October and he wants everything he sees in the stores that catches his eyes. I always try to make him understand that all of these things cost and we can not just buy everything that we like even though we would like to. He does have a piggy bank that I give him spare change to put into it. He also puts birthday and holiday money in it. I told him we will save it up and then he can have some fun and buy something that he really likes. We also have a jar to save money for birthdays and holidays which is a great thing to save for all year round. I'll talk to him about it more once he is older and can understand it better.

  35. We do discuss money at the grocery store if something is on sale or if I think something is too pricey. We also use coupons to get things for cheaper or for free and we go to aldi's for better prices on items too.

  36. As far as saving money for college, we have a savings account for that and whenever we get tax returns or extra money in anyway then some is always added to that since we want him to have a great future. We opened it up for him when he was a baby and he has asked what we are doing before and weve explained to him its saving money for his schooling when hes much much older.

  37. We havent started allowances yet but we will eventually. I never gave much thought of explaining how to spend it wisely though because my parents never did that with me. Now that it has been brought to my attention though I will probally think about it and talk about it with him when it comes to that time.

  38. I have explained to him the cost of gas is very high for us to go all these places and he understands that very well now. Ive also explained to him the cost of food has gone up and we watch what we buy and use coupons and look for sales. Also with the new baby sister, he has heard me talk about how more expensive diapers are now. So he is aware financial concepts that are in the news lately.

  39. I teach my kids about money every chance I get. They get a small allowance each week and some must go into a 'savings' jar and some must go into a 'sharing' jar. They like to spend their spending portion right away, but then they realize that they have to save for bigger ticket items. They are only 4 and 7 and already know more about money management than I did at 17!

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  41. i talk to my daughter about money when she asks about commercials and ads. she's still young for an allowance but we also talk about money when she has some to add to her piggy bank.

  42. When do you talk to your kids about money?
    I talk to my kids about money anytime an opportunity presents itself. A good example would be when they ask for new toys or when they see my clipping coupons, etc.

  43. Do you talk to your kids about money at the ATM or grocery store? Yes, I find the grocery store to be a great place to discuss money. I like to show my kids how to compare prices and how to compute unit prices, etc. it's also a great place to show them how to use coupons.

  44. When you give your kids an allowance, do you ask them to set a goal for their spending and / or talk about ways to spend wisely? I like to use the kids' allowances as a chance to encourage saving and also discuss short term gratification vs. long term goals, such as saving for something they want.

  45. I've talked to my son about money since he was 2 – at the time, his allowance was 2 quarters. When he turned 3, it was 3 quarters. He learned to "budget" his money between pony rides at the store (25 cents), "chicken eggs" in the vending machine (also 25 cents) and small candy bars or gum (50 cents). He also learned he couldn't have everything he wanted, and sometimes there was a trade-off.

    I also taught him about saving (he had a plastic piggy bank for short-term savings and a sturdier metal bank for long-term) and he learned to save part of his birthday and holiday money towards short and long-term savings.

    As he got older the lessons continued (in an age appropriate fashion)… for example, when he was in first grade there was some toy he wanted, so I let him earn extra money by doing extra chores around the house (weeding, bagging leaves). When he was in 3rd grade, he had a set amount to spend on lunch every week, and he quickly learned he could brown bag his lunch and not only have food he liked, but more of it, and he was allowed to pocket the savings (half had to go to savings, the other half was his his to spend as he wanted). He typically packed a sandwich, some fruit, veggies, string cheese, cookies or chips (he couldn't have both, one or the other) sometimes even pudding or yogurt if he was extra hungry. We figured brown bag lunches were about a dollar a day cheaper! As he got older, it was cute to see him argue when something went on sale that I was charging him too much for his lunch 🙂

    He's even learned about shopping for bigger ticket items – once he started middle school, I gave him his clothing allowance for school and let him buy whatever – he quickly learned that he could have more $20 jeans than $60 jeans and they were essentially the same. (I covered the tax, I wasn't trying to make it too complicated). When he got a cellphone, I showed him exactly what it would cost each month, and we came up with a plan so he could pick up extra chores around the house to "pay' for the phone.

    I've found as long as the lesson is age appropriate and relative to their wants/needs/interests, kids are very receptive to not only learning about money, but taking personal responsibility.

  46. My child is very little to really talk about money, inflation, exchange rates etc, but we have baby "deposit" change in piggy bank and tell that we collect the coins and make a big collection of coins that later we can use to get something we need or want.

  47. 4. When you give your kids an allowance, do you ask them to set a goal for their spending and / or talk about ways to spend wisely?

    My children are given their allowance then have to put 1/3 in savings (always first), then they put a 1/3 in giving, and the final 1/3 goes into their spending money. When they want to go "shopping" they can take their spending money. They know they have to stay within their amount and must be able to cover taxes also. We also let me learn tough lessons. For example, my son saved his spending money for a couple of weeks to buy a new Pokemon DS game that was coming out. He was two weeks away from having enough money and the date when it would be released when he decided to spend over half of the money on a Nerf gun instead. When the game was released, he asked us to give him the difference he was short. We simply reminded him of his choices and told him he should save more and he could get the game in a few months.

  48. 2. Yes! We talk about money with our girls whenever we can. The grocery store as well as any shopping experience is always a great way to have children be interactive with their learning. They can see and compare prices, find sales, etc. We also opened bank accounts for the oldest girls. We have shown them how to deposit and withdrawal money. They also look at their statements at the end of the month to show how much interest they have gained from savings.

  49. We talk about each coin & how much its worth each time he receives one for a good deed or behavior. We keep a savings penny bank and keep a running total as we ADD up his coins. He loves to see it grow of course 🙂

  50. Yes I do talk to my kids about money at the ATM and the grocery store. They have a hard time understanding how we can go to a machine and just get money. Also, at the store, they want to buy something that we don't really need or can't afford. I talk to them about how we only have so much money and that we can't buy them everything they want.

  51. When you give your kids an allowance, do you ask them to set a goal for their spending and / or talk about ways to spend wisely?

    Since last year we created a beginning of the year goal chart. So at the end of the week when my daughter would get her allowance she would check her chart to see how far she's got to get the toy she wants and puts money from her allowance towards it. This year her goal is a Barbie jeep for Christmas. So far she has 50.00 saved…. She's 6.

  52. 2…. at the grocery store since i never use an atm. they are good with the coupons and understand it needs to be on sale and a good deal to buy it. they also save there $ for the vacations to see the mouse!

  53. When do you talk to your kids about money?
    We talk to our children each time they get their allowance, each time they want to make one of those "whim" purchases, when they're along on groceries trips, before vacations – anytime when there are important lessons for them to learn about handling their money responsibly. And they all help with clipping coupons, too!

  54. 1. When do you talk to your kids about money?

    We try to take those teachable moments to talk about money. This might be while paying bills, making our plans for the weekend, choosing activities or helping someone in need.

  55. When do you talk to your kids about money?

    I talk to them daily, after seeing me coupon they have learned the value of a dollar and look forward to enjoying frugal family events such as free festivals and using the library instead of buying books. I hope these lessons remain with them forever.

  56. 2. Do you talk to your kids about money at the ATM or grocery store?

    This is really important because it can seem to a child that this is "free." They need to understand how that works and that the ATM isn't an unlimited source of money. We also talk at the grocery store about making good choices: what's on sale, compare brands, sizes, ect. Sometimes the parents need to remember this lesson too;)

  57. When do you talk to your kids about money?

    I started following Dave Ramsy this year and with learning to manage money on my own I started working with my 5yo. Our family was fast food poor. I would buy groceries but found we woulld always end up eating out anyways. Well now after explaining to my daughter spending money ALL the time on fast food, toys, entertainment wouldnt allow us to ever be able to do the big stuff. I can ask her today if she wants to eat out and she will tell me no, I want to save for Dollywood or somewhere/something else. Also she is understanding why we buy thing only when they go on sale

  58. 2. Do you talk to your kids about money at the ATM or grocery store?

    Any shopping trip. We talk about sales and the cost of things. We also will talk about making sure what you buy is worth the you have to spend. It is probably a good idea to start working with her and a bank account but she still likes to see it to know what she has at 5 yr.

  59. Question #1
    I talk to my kids about money at many different times- while shopping, while planning family outings, when shopping, etc. On holidays & birthdays we talk about a money limit to spend & how to get the most for their money. With our oldest-starting private high school this year-we have begun to involve her in the monthly planning for the tuition payment & whatever other extras she may need that month. We say this is what we have to buy in two paychecks- what is needed most & how do we get the best for our moneu

  60. Question #2
    At the ATM, I usually broach the subject of protecting your personal information & the how to be safe rules for using the ATM
    At the grocery store, we use coupons, compare prices & brands.

  61. 1. i talk to my kids about money each yime we go to the bank. i explain what the money is going to do (pay bills, buy groceries, etc), and how long mommy and daddy worked to make that money.

  62. I home school my children, and teaching them financial responsibility has been something I have ALWAYS taught them…From the time they were babys watching me cut/use coupons through teaching price comparisons, balancing checkbooks and saving for college (as I am a single parent on a very low income). I sometimes have to take a step back and learn from them and what they have picked up on there own. Recently, my 12 year old son wanted a savings account of his own' after price shopping and comparing EVERY bank and credit union in the area, he decided to look into CD's and market accounts as well…To this day (about a month later) he is still watching and checking banks to decide which does best through today's economy before placing his money in one. So to answer the question, make your children learn from the get go (birth)

  63. I talk to my child about money all of the time. He wants to go to Disney in May and knows the cost of the vacation. We've made a deal that we'll only go out to eat once a month and not buy any 'extras' throughout the year. He's helping to track our 'Disney Fund' and understands how much we put in each month and also knows that if he wants additional toys, stickers, etc. that we haven't budgeted for that the amount would get reduced from our budget. We always 'round' up so that we're working witb whole numbers and not change and we've made the number hundreds not thousands so that he can understand. He loves being 'in charge' of our vacation budget and sure doesn't ask for a lot anymore!!!

  64. I talk to my kids about money all the time. Mostly about taking care of the things they already have to we are not being wasteful. For instance, I was fold my kids clothes the other day and I noticed that almost every shirt of my 7 year was stained (even after pretreating them). So I had a talk to her about not wiping her hands or face on her shirt and to be careful when she's eating or doing something potentially messy. I told her I need her clothes for her little sister and if they are stained or messed up, I'll have to buy her new clothes and that means less money for fun things like our trip to Disney World she's been saving for since she was 3.

  65. We talk to our kids about money whenever they ask to have something, or we're at the store or somewhere making a purchase where we have to take out our cash or credit cards.

  66. Yes, we talk to our kids about money at the ATM and grocery store. We try to explain how the ATM is not just a machine that gives you all the money you want – the money comes from somewhere and when you spend it, you don't have it anymore.

  67. When do you talk to your kids about money? – As often as possible. When preparing for grocery shopping. And we have taught our little one to dump money into a big water jug. We cheer for her and she gets very excited, so we encourage the savings.

  68. 2. Do you talk to your kids about money at the ATM or grocery store? Usually when handing over coupons at the grocery store, I try and show how exciting it is to save certain amounts of money and how we can now get a little extra souvenir on our next trip.

  69. 3. How do you teach your kids about financial concepts in the news today such as inflation and setting financial goals like saving for college? I try and show it in easy to understand concepts and start with things that they understand now such as saving for a new toy. I agree to double anything they save to show how interest rates really do help.

  70. 4. When you give your kids an allowance, do you ask them to set a goal for their spending and / or talk about ways to spend wisely? I usually talk more about the savings. Part of it must go into savings. The spending I leave up to them, however, I do talk about how spending all your money in one spot will limit how much you can spend elsewhere.

  71. 5. Do you ever use items in the news, such as inflation, as a chance to teach your kids about the concept? If so, what have you found works well to help them understand inflation or other financial concepts? Recently what I have found that helps is stories focusing on families and children where jobs have been lost or they cannot afford to pay their bills. We will then talk about what we can donate or how we can help such as donating to a food pantry.

  72. 2. Do you talk to your kids about money at the ATM or grocery store?

    My kids are a little older now and don't always come to the grocery store with me anymore, but we always often about money when we were there. I had them help me compare prices and unit prices, and also find items we had coupons for. They could see the deals and savings, and it made an impression on them.

  73. 1. When do you talk to your kids about money?

    We also talked to them about money around the holidays. Both making a gift budget before and about saving some of the money they received after. They could list all the toys they want, but then we had to go through and pick and choose based on cost. Did they want one bigger present? Or several smaller ones? They learned about budgeting and priorities.

    When they get money as a gift, they have to put some of it into their savings account. They enjoy seeing their savings accounts grow. My oldest was able to get himself a laptop this way. It took several years of Christmas and birthday money for that one!

    I think holiday time is a good time to discuss money.

  74. I talk to my kids about money frequently. At the store while checking out I always challenge my daughter to tell me how much change I will get back from my purchase before I get it. She is really good at it now. She, at age 12, knows how to fill out a deposit slip, withdrawal slip and can withdraw money from the ATM without my help. She has her own kid account and is very careful at all times about how much she spends! She goes in the bank by herself (it is a very small bank and they know I am teaching her) and makes deposits etc. She recently was able to transfer $400 that she had saved into her savings account. I think she is on the right track!

  75. We discuss inflation and saving for college frequently, as well. She was able to attend a kid webinar where she learned how to predict how much it would cost for her to attend college. She was able to have a layout of how much should be saved and or invested in various ways to be able to have the amount she needed when the time comes. She watches this daily and daily we discuss what things she could be doing differently with the money. Surprisingly she passes up frivolous things that she really wants to put more toward her college fund. I match her dollar for dollar on whatever she saves. She is already 30% above her projected saving at this point.

  76. We don't give an allowance but when we do give our kids money, we talk to them goals for their spending and talk about ways to spend wisely. My son is learning to save his money for something that he wants.

  77. 2 – I talk to my son at the grocery store about money and how to use copuons. He is only 2 and half years old and he already asks 'do we have a coupon for that?' when I put something in the cart! He told me the other day that I could not buy formula for his baby brother without a coupon. . .LOL!!

  78. 1 – I talk to my son about money and college savings when he receives a gift. Gifts of money automatically go in his 'piggy bank' which we then put into his college savings account.

  79. The children get talked to about saving and spending wisely. They have been taught to save a little bit and spend a little on themselves. We see if there is anything that is needed then we move into the wants that they have.

  80. I mostly talked to the kids about money when we were at the shopping mall or at the bank. They'd want something and we'd have to access why we were there and what we were spending money on. We would buy the sales and they learned that they could get the sweaters in winter for a lot cheaper than they could buy them in the fall. It's a great way to teach a child how to spend wisely.

  81. When do you talk to your kids about money?
    My son is 5 and i am teaching him about money now

  82. When do you talk to your kids about money?
    I talk to my kids about money, every time they ask for something at the store. I help them to understand that things cost money and to get that money we have to work for it.

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  84. For question #2
    I never use the ATM so we don't talk about money then. However, I talk about money often when grocery shopping with the kids. We discuss what items are a better value for the money. We also talk about finding the best deals. We use coupons and match up items in the circulars to save even more money. My kids enjoy grocery shopping with me and learning about how to save there. Thanks.

  85. I've explained to my son about saving money so we can do special things. My children understand the importance of saving their money and that we have to work for the things we have.

  86. I talk to my daughter about money, how it creates commerce, and the importance of a budget.

  87. 4. When you give your kids an allowance, do you ask them to set a goal for their spending and / or talk about ways to spend wisely?

    We ask our children to follow the 10% rule in our home. When they receive their allowance they set aside 10% for charity/church & 10% for savings. They they are free to spend the rest. They are pretty awesome about sticking to this.

  88. 2. Do you talk to your kids about money at the ATM or grocery store?

    I talk to them about how important it is to save money and we use coupons when we go to the grocery store. I show them how I look for the prices of the items and match with the coupons to make good deals. I also teach them that we don't buy things that we really don't need.

  89. When do you talk to your kids about money?

    I don't have any children. I think I will talk to them about spending their money wisely around 10??? Don't know kids that well…

  90. 4. When you give your kids allowance…
    Anytime my children earn money, we have them set 10% aside to a savings account that is never touched, 10% aside to a savings account that can be used for something big and of their choosing at a later time, and the rest is theirs to use as they please.

  91. I talk to my nephew about money and explain to him that you have to have it to pay for things and that sometimes, things cost too much. He has a piggy bank and learning about saving and the kinds of things that he can buy with what he has already saved. Email: yona(at)

  92. We LOVE the Great Piggy Bank Adventure! We've been talking to our kids about money since they were about 3yrs old. We got them each a divided bank with sections for long term savings, short term savings, spending and tithe. At ages 16 and 18 my boys are very fiscally responsible and have even taken a class in investing.

  93. Our grandkids get an allowance and we gave our children an allowance.

    ky2here at msn dot com

  94. We give our children money every week during a family meeting- they each get $1 for each year of their life. The money is to do with what they wish- save it, spend it etc. We want them to begin to form a relationship with money, learn how to be responsible for it, make good choices etc.

  95. Yes- we definitely talk about money both at the ATM and the grocery store. Our 6 yr old has become interested in banks and how our debit card works so we've had some good discussions w/him about it. In the grocery store we talk about what's on sale, using coupons and meal planning together.

  96. I am a stay at home Mom. I keep my children (16, 11, & 9) very much intuned with how much they are spending, what things cost and why we save! They know that we watch our money so I can afford to stay home and they are wonderful helpers! My schildren put part of birthday/christmas/holiday money in the bank and only spends a small part! They are learning to be responsible young adults!

  97. We talk to our kids about money when we are at the store, to show how things cost money, and them doing various chores to earn their own money to buy something they want.

  98. When do you talk to your kids about money?
    We talk about it mainly when he asks for something…We will have to tell him we don't have to money to spend on it and that everything costs money.

  99. Do you talk to your kids about money at the ATM or grocery store?
    Yes, don't use the ATM much-so mainly at the grocery store. He knows we don't have money to just splurge and buy him everything he wants. He always says he wants something-but I think he's starting to realize everything costs money.

  100. I think you need to teach your children about money as soon as they can count let them earn and pay for their own items at the store.

  101. I do talk to my child about money at the ATM and store she used to say when I said I was broke just go to the machine that gives you money ummm no. We also compare prices at the store

  102. When do you talk to your kids about money?
    Mostly when she wants money for something. Then we go through is this something you want or that you need. Then we compare the amount to how many groceries we could buy with it or essential things we could use the money for. Its really helped her realize that a lot of the stuff for kids is way overpriced.


  103. 2. Do you talk to your kids about money at the ATM or grocery store?
    At the grocery store it is easier as she gets older. She knows now to find the cheapest version of that product. I like making her stand there and add everything up. Annoys her when she's off.


  104. I talk to my daughter about money when we are shopping. We are usually shopping for items we need, and when she wants something, I ask her if she needs it. I think it is important for her to realize a want from a need, specially in today's economy

  105. Yes, I talk to them about money. I teach them how to shop wisely and how to use coupons to make their money go further.

  106. I am currently expecting my first child this October. I will teach talk to them about saving money at home and I will also talk to them about money when we go to the store. I want them to understand how much things cost and that it is okay not to get everything you want. I have tried talking to DH's teenage cousins about money but they have no concept of it bc their parents have never talked with them about it.

  107. The topic of money always comes up while at the store. My children are learning a hard lesson these days, the economy has hit us hard. Buying a pack of gum is not always an option now. However, I believe that this will make them stronger. They will appreciate and value their prize possessions.

    Thank you for the entry,

  108. We talk to our kids all the time about money, as it comes up naturally in the day. When you purchase items at the grocery store, use a charge card, go to the bank, get an investment statement in the mail – all the time is the right time to talk to your kids about money. We emphasize saving, investing, giving, researching purchases, living below your means, and knowing the difference between wants and needs!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  109. yes i talk to my teen daughter about money at the grocery store because each week we go shopping and use lots of coupons.our store doubles them and she sees how much money i save with the coupons and she now uses coupons also when she wants something at the store..i guess i have rubbed off on her 🙂


  110. I'd don't have any kids, but once my soon-to-be niece arrives, I'm sure she'll quickly become my shopping buddy! I would probably talk to her about money when we go to a store. I love to shop, but I'm a frugalista. I'm all about getting a good deal on everything (clothes, food, etc.), and I love using coupons whenever possible to save money.

  111. Do you talk to your kids about money at the ATM or grocery store? – YES!!! At the ATM, I point out all the logos and tell them how it costs more if they go to a random ATM that doesn't have their logo. At the grocery store, I show them how the expensive brands are at eye level, but the cheaper brands are lower. I show them how Kelloggs has made their boxes bigger but NOT added to the amount of cereal in the box, because people will THINK they are getting more this way. My kids should end up being pretty savvy shoppers.

  112. When my boys were young, I always talked about living within your means. Also, when working, put a little bit of each paycheck, and if possible, your tax return, in the bank. That way you have a savings in case of an emergency.

  113. I talk to them about money before we go shopping, or before they are going to get money to spend. If we go shopping for school clothes, I hold the money but tell them the amount they are allocated to spend. It is AMAZING how much more frugal they are if they are spending 'their own' money rather than spending mine at will. It works great with the teen to use this concept and with the tween. Our little guy is too little (toddler) to 'get' the concept yet, but we send out messages here and there, and he loves to save in his piggy bank. He'll catch on some day to the importance of being wise with his finances.

  114. 4. When you give your kids an allowance, do you ask them to set a goal for their spending and / or talk about ways to spend wisely?
    We have taught our children to save half of what they earn or receive. That way they have some money to spend now and some ready for when they go to college.

  115. We discussed money at the age of two when telling them about their savings accounts.

  116. I taught my kids about money as soon as they wanted something from the store. They were given an allowance and learned how hard it is to earn money to buy frivolous items.

  117. i talk to our children about money whenever the subject comes up, like when they ask to get something at the store
    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

  118. I talk to them about money when planning my grocery shopping and matching coupons with local sales and explaining to them what I save with discounts, sales and coupons can go to other bills or to a fun activity for them and that shopping for discounts for anything that you wish to purchase can put more money in your pocket
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  119. 2. Do you talk to your kids about money at the ATM or grocery store? Yes he is so curious and I let him count it too if many people are not in line.

  120. We talk about about money in little snippets as it comes up, for example when buying the size that costs the least per ounce at the grocery store.

  121. I teach my kid about me everytime he do a good deed, he could put a penny into his piggy bank. This way he would value money more than anything. It will help him realize that money is hard earned.

  122. When I give my kid an allowance, I talk to him to spend it wisely. If he wants to have ice cream, he can have it every friday as a treat so for other days, he could save money to buy for things he wants.

  123. Myles Richardson

    When giving my kids their allowance they realized on their own the value of a dollar. The amount of effort they had to put in in order to receive that amount is self-defining of how important money is and how you must be conscious of your spending.

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  125. When do you talk to your kids about money?

    When I’m out shopping with them and when we are paying I always ask if little questions like the value of a certain coin or bill.

    1. That\’s great, keep it up. My oldest is 11 and has been saving for a car for the last 2 years and is still hard at it. He makes money through recycling neighbors aluminum cans.

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