Watermelon Fruit Bowl Recipe

Watermelon Fruit Bowl Recipe

Gather all the fruit that you’d like to use.  Bananas and apples turn dark in color so you can either add them at the last minute or leave them out.

When selecting my watermelon, I decide how I’d like it to lay once it has been cut in half.  I always go for a smaller melon that will lay on its’ side in my bowl.  This bottom bowl is filled 1/4 of the way with ice and then I set the watermelon on top to keep it cool while outdoors.

Watermelon Bowl Design Steps

  • Cut watermelon in half while keeping in mind how you want the bowl to “sit.”
  • Put one half of the watermelon aside in case you mess up on the first carving
  • Begin cutting large chunks out of the watermelon half  and sit them aside in a large bowl.  You will later cut these “chunks”into smaller pieces to be served from the bowl
  • Once you get close to hollowing out the watermelon half, finish up by dragging a large spoon across the bottom to make it look neatly hollowed
  • Cut up bite size pieces of fruit such as strawberries, pineapple, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, etc. for filling your bowl
  • Wait until right before you serve the fruit bowl to add/mix all the fruit because after it sits for awhile, the juice begins to mount up (I bag up all the fruit pieces individually and place in fridge along with my hollowed out watermelon and mix it all together before the party starts so I am able to drain the juice from each fruit bag before mixing.)  Remember to place the watermelon inside a larger bowl with ice in between bowl and melon to keep fruit cool.
  • Colored skewers and solo cups are a great way to serve this at a party


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