5 Ways To Stay Cool In The Texas Heat

No rain and high temperatures can really get you down.  Here’s a few ways my family is trying to beat the Texas Heat.

We always pack a cooler when we leave the house. This cuts down on stops for drinks and keeps everyone cool.  Getting groceries and jumping in that smoldering car is much better when there’s a cold water waiting in the cooler for you.

We are keeping the air condition at a comfortable setting.  In the cooler weather, we adjust the upstairs air during the day and then turn it down before going to bed.  Now that it is SO hot, our AC can’t keep up and we are TOO hot come bedtime.  We have starting running both units at a comfortable temperature so it won’t require so much out of our air conditioner when we want to lower it for bedtime.

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We are not cooking inside the house if possible.  Cooking inside is really heating up the house right now.  I am using the grill and the microwave when cooking is required.  I am also making meals that don’t require the oven such as sandwiches, cereal and microwavable meals.  And yes, don’t forget going out to eat.  It may cost more depending on your restaurant choice, but it sure beats sitting in a hot house for the rest of the night because you used the oven to make supper.

I run my errands earlier in the day.  No more mowing the lawn in the late afternoon.  We are planning all errand trips as early as possible so we don’t have to be in the triple digits while hunting school shoes.

I am lining up indoor activities for the weekends.  This past weekend we rented a few Redbox movies.  I’ve even bought the kids a few new games.  I want my children to be active outdoors, but this weekend when my car was registering 117 degrees, it is just best to hang out inside for awhile.  No need in anyone making themselves sick in order to play outdoors.

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