6 Ways To Cut Family Expenses

This post is great.  There are always things that can be done to save a few dollars each month.  These things are even better when your family doesn’t notice any “cuts.”  I looked into our cable bill and dropped HBO.  We rent movies on Redbox and rarely even look to see what’s available on HBO.  A few days later my husband asked about HBO, so I called the cable company back to see how much I had saved by dropping HBO and they offered me free HBO for a year.  So….now I have HBO again and am still saving around $35 from when I had previously dropped it.

Even More Ways To Cut Your Family’s Expenses Without Them Noticing

July 8, 2011 By from MomsInABlog.com

Trimming the fat from your budget does not mean that you need to make sacrifices as a family. In fact, there are many ways to reduce your expenses while still living a fun lifestyle.
1.    Play a numbers game with your credit cards and loans.
2.    Cancel the expensive movie channels.
3.    Stop buying video games.
4.   Make your own cleaning supplies.
5.    Be resourceful with vegetables and stale bread.
6.   Have a movie night.

Read Tracy’s original post to read more about each of the 6 ways to cut your family expenses.

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