7 Free & Low Cost Ways to Entertain Kids

Having fun when the kids are out of school doesn’t always have to cost you extra money.  The following post came from MomsInaBlog.com.  Maybe it will spark some new ideas for Summer activities you could do with the kids.  Check out #6, my son and I plan on making Goop today.

7 Free & Low Cost Ways to Entertain Kids

Kids are expensive and keeping them entertained in a tough economy can be a challenge for any parent. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to keep them from driving you crazy.  If you are short on cash or short of ideas, try one of these low cost entertainment ideas.

1.    Indoor Scavenger Hunt

2.    Annual Zoo Pass

3.    Nature Walk

4.    Bubble Bath

5.    Bike Parade

6.    Goop

7.    Water the Garden

Read more about these 7 fun, low cost activites from  at MomsInABlog.com

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