Are Online Surveys Scams? Can You Really Make Money?

When I hear of people looking for ways to make money online, the word “survey” always pops up.  Last week I decided to find out about surveys for you, so I registered for The Survey Club. Before I knew it, there were tons of online survey programs for me to join.  I joined a few, but decided to stick with Global Test Market.  If you like to spend time online, why not make a little money too?  I have since completed several surveys in order to “test” their program and also because it was a little fun.  I took surveys about taking my family to the movies.  How many times we go, do we see 3-D movies, what types of movies do we like the best.  I also took surveys involving what kind of car you drive, sunglasses you buy, purchases you have made in the  last year.

Here’s how Global Test Market works:  you take the surveys and earn market points.  Once you have earned 1000 points, you can turn those in for $50.  You will not qualify for all the surveys.  For example, I started one and they were not looking for people who lived in Houston, so it “screened out” or stopped my survey and then offered me another one.  Every time you “screen out,” you are given entries in their daily cash drawings in return for your time.  A basic survey may give you 35 market points, but you may screen out if you don’t meet their criteria.  I figured, that if you didn’t screen out, you would be making $5 an hour filling out surveys.  So, here’s how I feel about online surveys now that I am experiencing them myself:  no, you are not going to make a full time salary off these, but if you like being online and just want to fill out a few when you feel like it, it is a great idea.  I’m going to keep doing these surveys so I can eventually cash in my points for a little money, but I can’t depend on this money, since I have no idea how many times I will screen out.  On the other hand, if I would have signed up for ALL the surveys that were offered to me, I could probably spend all day online doing nothing but answering surveys.

It costs nothing to sign up, so check out The Survey Club and join at least one program.  If you don’t like it, you can unsubscribe from their emails and they will stop contacting you.

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