Back To School Traditions With My Boys

Every year, right before school starts, my children and I do the normal school shopping, clothes, backpacks and new lunch boxes.  Both of my children also pick out a backpack for a needy child.  Our church has “Operation Backpack” where they collect backpacks and school supplies for children whose parents need assistance.    When picking out their donation backpacks, each of my children pick out a bag that they would personally like to use, along with a few fun items such as “cool erasers,” huge calculators, and small pads of paper.  Then we put in the basic supplies such as notebooks, pencils and a pencil sharpener.

We have participated in “Operation Backpack” for the last few years.  My boys look forward to selecting their donated backpacks and supplies because they know they are giving a gift to a child who will be so proud of his new school gear.  We have talked about how good it feels to start the new school year off with new gear and my boys want to share that gift with someone who might not otherwise have those opportunities.  Even though school has started, it is not too late to give to children in need.  I know everyone is very busy,  so if you don’t have time to personally select these items at the store, why not shop online and have them shipped directly where you’d like them to be sent.

I do a lot of my shopping online due to convenience and the ability to shop from home without leaving the house.  I have seen lots of advertisements for Tiny Prints, and finally checked it out.  Now I wish I would have looked here sooner.  They had a great back to school section with  items for everyone – kids, teachers and parents.  My favorite items are the custom day planners.  We are so busy throughout the school year, that a planner is a must for our family if we are going to make it to all our after school functions!

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