Disorganized Toy Box? Here’s Your Answer!

Melina Druga is appearing on the mom blog today to share organizing tips for children.  The earlier your children start organizing, the better  it will be for the whole family.  The more organization in your child’s life, the better.  Organization helps children perform better in school, not be late for activities and just feel better about themselves.  Doesn’t it feel nice to walk into a clean, organized room vs. an untidy, cluttered room?  Face it, organizing is something that almost everyone needs a little more of in their life!

 A toy box, in most households, is a synonym for “mess in a box” and it screams disorganization. Kids can’t find the toys they want, and toys stuck at the bottom rarely see daylight.  Luckily, there is a solution.

That solution is a toy organizer.  Toy organizers, like this one sold by Toys R Us, stores toys in easily accessible bins.  Not only does it keep toys from getting lost at the bottom of a toy box, but it’s an easy way to teach toddlers and preschoolers about organization.

1.  Assign different toys to different bins.  For example, assign one bin to blocks, another to cars, another to dolls and so on.  After awhile, your kids will begin to remember which bin is assigned to which toys.

2.  Make it a game.  Once your kids learn what goes where, make it a game.  See who can help mommy put toys away the fastest.  Ask kids to bring you bins of a certain color or size to see if they bring you the correct one.

3.  Express your appreciation.  Let’s face it, even when little kids are being helpful, they’re sometimes really not that helpful.  Nevertheless, don’t forget to thank them for helping you put their toys away.

It’s never too early to get your kids involved in organization.  They won’t learn immediately, but with time and patience, you’ll have kids who know how to put their toys away at the end of the day.



Melina Druga is a freelance writer and editor as well as a blogger.  Her blog P.O.V. is an op-ed piece on current events, celebrities, trends, issues which affect women and issues which affect parents.  She is also the mother of an active toddler.  Melina has many more organizing ideas.  Be sure and drop her a comment or ask her an organizing question, she’d love to help!


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