Fotobounce Review: Safely Share Photos Online

I do not make it a practice of posting any personal photos online.  I am concerned that my children’s pictures will be “stolen” and featured on a website page, advertising who knows what.  I feel this way because I have a website myself and have learned how easy it is to “take” someone’s photos and use them on a website page if the owner does not know how to protect their photos.  So, instead of “protecting my photos,” I just don’t post them.  I was contacted by Fotobounce with a request to write a compensated review for their product.  I was very interested in Fotobounce since it could solve my “picture protection issue.”

I read a little about  the Fotobounce program and then installed it on my desktop.  Fotobounce is exactly what this program does!  As soon as this photo program was installed, the photos from my computer “bounced” onto my screen and were organized by the month that each picture had been added to my computer.  I selected one of my photos and chose an option to add to Facebook and that photo “bounced” to my Facebook page!  Unbelievable, I didn’t even need to know what I was doing and I had already sent a protected picture to my Facebook account.  This photo program is just what I need to be able to share my pictures with my family.  Everyone can download this program and have private sharing without the use of any outside software.

Once you select a picture, Fotobounce offers several options.  You can sort and add selected pictures to  albums, and even order printed products from your pictures.  I love to give these types of gifts to the family for Christmas.  It will be so much quicker working with my pictures and making my photo books with the same site!  Fotobounce also lets you share your pictures to Facebook, Facebook Pages, Flickr, Twitter, and AirSet.

I like to take pictures with my cell phone, but I mainly keep them in my camera and never transfer them anywhere.  I had tried to send them to Facebook before, but they never showed up, so I just quit trying.  Fotobounce also has an app that will work on certain cell phones.  I downloaded Fotobounce from the Android Marketplace, but have had trouble getting it to open up.  There is also a place to download Fotobounce from the main site, but you need to have a scanner app on your phone in order to get the download.  I have so many pictures on my computer and my camera card that I am going to focus on them before tackling the phone apps.

There are so many possibilities with this program that I haven’t used yet.  This program even offers facial recognition and face detection!    The facial recognition is real neat!  The faces of people from my pictures were sorted in thumbnails.  I picked one picture from each of my family members  and  wrote their first and last names under them.  Then I selected one of their photo faces and “drug and dropped”  their face onto their named area.  After everyone had been named, I selected a family picture and everyone in the picture had an arrow pointing to them with their names on it.  Now my Fotobounce account recognizes my family members from my photos.  I was then able to add a caption to my family photo and send it to my family members through my bounce account.   Now, by using my bounce account with other “bouncers” I will never have to wonder who is who in the pics I receive.

Another great aspect of this program, is that it is free to download and use.  There is a paid version that comes without the ads, but to test it out, be sure and download the free version, you can always upgrade to the paid version once the advertisements annoy you enough.  All in all, I highly suggest that you download Fotobounce to organize your photos and simplify online photo sharing.  I know that I will continue to use this program, because I like the security of sharing pictures online that comes along with using Fotobounce.

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