Garfield Children’s Personalized Book GIVEAWAY

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Everyone loves Garfield!  This will make a great gift for that special child!


I previously wrote a review for Personally Yours Books entitled Mom Blog Review of Personally Yours  I liked the books and thought they would make great gifts for children.  Personally Yours Books has decided to run a giveaway on the mom blog.  They are giving away a personalized Garfield book that is sure to make a great gift for both a boy or a girl!

The winner will need to provide the following information to personalize their book:
Child’s First Name:
Middle Name (optional):
Last Name:
Age (opt):
Hometown (City & State):
Friends First Names (up to 3):
Dedication (only 36 characters including spaces) ie. “With Love, Love, From,”
Name of Gift Giver:
Date Gift Given(mm/dd/yyyy):

Remember, you can’t win if you don’t enter!

10 thoughts on “Garfield Children’s Personalized Book GIVEAWAY”

    1. You can add in friends names, so you\’d need to add their names in there and pick a generic name for the main character. I know how those sibling fights go!

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  2. You are an Angel CD. For my great niece who will be 2 in November and is indeed a special child with many challenges.

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