“GiveawayCube, Where Giveaways Meet”

Since the mom blog is hosting numerous giveaways, I have been searching for other great giveaway spots.  I came across the Giveaway Cube and before long, found myself entering giveaways left and right!  Before I knew it, I was talking with Vienna from Giveaway Cube  in Australia.  After talking about her site, we decided that she should tell the mom blog a little more about how the Giveaway Cube works.  I have placed a “GiveawayCube Button” on the Giveaway Page on BlogWithMom.com for easy access to both giveaway entrants and bloggers.

Meet Vienna…..

Do you have trouble finding the right giveaway to enter?  Have you struggled to find the right place to promote your giveaways? These are some questions that have intrigued me to create a proper place where giveaways from around the world can meet. GiveawayCube is only 1.5 months old since it was released this year, and it has grown immensely.   It has over 20 categories, and hundreds of giveaway hosts registered,.  Within 1.5 months there have been more than 18,000 page views and 2,700 page visits with these numbers are growing each day!

How can looking for giveaways be made easier with GiveawayCube?

We have a simple, user-friendly search navigation which will help you find the right giveaway to enter.  Looking for giveaways to enter should not take as much time as it does to actually enter the  giveaway depending on the rules of the giveaway.  The more sites you search for giveaways, the more time it takes . The next time you decide to enter a giveaway remember that GiveawayCube is your one-stop giveaway source.  If you are looking for giveaways, there’s no subscribing stuff happening at GiveawayCube.  Just search for your giveaway, and all the best! Join our Twitter so you don’t miss out any great giveaways!

For bloggers hosting giveaways, this is good news for you.

Why pay to promote your giveaways when you can host it with GiveawayCube  for free? Yes, with all of our great tools to be used, created especially for you, it will cost you nothing.   It’s always free to promote your giveaways at GiveawayCube.  How great!  More people will actually find your giveaway with ease, so no more looking for needles in haystacks.  Managing your giveaway is easier with our Do It Yourself giveaway listing tools.  Be in charge on when you want your giveaway to be posted, change your giveaway details anytime, promote your upcoming giveaway, and also publish your giveaway instantly.  Do you need to promote your giveaway on other sites?  It is really up to you.  GiveawayCube is not trying to compete with other giveaway  sites, or giveaway blogs out there.  GiveawayCube exists to make life easier, not harder.

 “Thanks for introducing us to your new site. It really is a smart interface.

Signed up and added our giveaways!”


 Wait no more! Head off to www.GiveawayCube.com, and all the best if you are entering giveaways.   Check back every day as new giveaways continue to roll in.  Bloggers, check it out, this is the right channel to promote your giveaway.  For more information, email  info@giveawaycube.com.


8 thoughts on ““GiveawayCube, Where Giveaways Meet””

  1. Hi Bobbie, thanks for sharing this at your blog ^_^ Hopefully this will help other bloggers and other giveaway enthusiasts out there!

    1. Thanks for the comment. She was very friendly and sounds like a super hard worker, dedicated to her site. For someone wanting to enter a giveaway, the GIveAway Cube is like entering a candy shop!
      Have a great day,
      Bobbie Anne

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