Highly Recommended Website Graphics Designer

BlogWithMom.com just got a facelift, with a new vector header and layout thanks to Natalie from http://www.lt3boutique.com/.  I am so impressed by her work!  She was easy to work with and had a lot of patience with me and ALL my requested changes.  Her prices are very affordable.

If you need any graphics or designs, Natalie is definitely your gal.

Here’s a few of the things Natalie can do for you:

  • Blogger & WordPress Layouts
  • Printables (such as greeting cards, business cards
  • wedding & birthday invites, etc.
  • Grahics (Logo)
  • Facebook Defaults
  • Facebook Album covers, Icons, etc.
  • She’s created designs on Cafepress for Tshirts, Pillows & different items on that website.
  • Just about anything Website & Graphic Design wise,
  • She can do regular website layouts as well as  Joomla layouts.
  • She can also make image sheets for bottle caps.

Give her a try, I’m glad I did!

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