Mixbook: Easily Create A Book With Your Child

Photobooks by Mixbook are a great way to quickly scrapbook online, make memory books for others and construct kid projects.  My oldest son is always wanting to write a book and my youngest son is obsessed with my camera.  For the next few days my kindergartener will be carrying around the camera looking for pictures to take for the book he is going to make.  He wants to make a “Guess What I Am” book to see if others can guess what it is that he took a picture of.  This is a GREAT kid  project for him since I often find pics on my camera and have NO idea what they are!

We are going to work on the “Guess What I Am” book first and then we’ll work on turning one of my middle schooler’s papers into a Mixbook Project.

In the meantime, here’s a quick Mixbook video for you.  Maybe you have a project that your family could create on Mixbook.


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