Will Give You $10 Account Credit!

Yesterday I signed up for after reading one of their ads in my Twitter account.  I like the concept of buying deals, but have to admit, that sometimes it is a hassle to keep up with all the deals I buy. Sometimes my family doesn’t want to go where I bought the deal and then I have to get them there before the deal expires since I’ve already paid for it. offers online deals that I can buy right now, without waiting to go to a specific place to use my coupon.  It looked like a site that I could use, so I signed up.  To my surprise, I was given $10 account credit for my sign up, so I bought a $5 water bottle, received free shipping and still have $5 to spend on another online deal!  The deals change, but the ones I saw were nail polish, collapsible water bottles, collapsible flower vases, hair bows, Disney hotel deal and  a Costa Rica package which I don’t see myself using any time soon.

Sign up, have fun with your complimentary $10 and tell me what you bought and how you like it.  I will tell you about my collapsible water bottle once I’ve received it and had a chance to try it out!

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